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L2-scripts Ertheia

L2-scripts Ertheia

List price: 360.00$
From: 120.00$
You save: 240.00$ (67%)


Ertheia VIP Pack  presented by


 A bit about the history behind this server pack:

Based on L2-scripts GOD Lindvior (VIP) source code.


Branch - GOD (Lindvior)

Branch - GOD (Glory Days) 


Latest revision 23116.


The development of this branch completed 11.11.2016.

Maintenance no longer available, all clients transferred to a later chronicle.


Ask the manager to get a stable server example.

This pack is adapted for protection system and for anti-pack hacking - L2s-Guard, Smart-Guard (manual connection with Yuri).


Ertheia Geodata can be bought separetely (may have be discounts for constant clients).


This pack is provided with a hardware bind and provided for 1 external IP address. This pack is provided in fully complied version. Failure to comply with non-sharing terms, the pack will be blocked pernamently.


Beware of buying assemblies on the side anywhere except on our website. you won't get the original l2-scripts pack. We have no dealers, all who claim to be our distributors and etc. - is lying. Also remember, even if someone sells our assembly, when buying it from the side, you run the risk not only of being deceived, but also fail your project at its start...


Latest revision  - 160 USD (no IP binding and no online limit)  

Latest revision  - 400 USD (Source Code)




Based on Goddess of Destruction Lindvior (VIP) source code:

Details here 


Detailed Ertheia changelog (translated with google translate, if specifications needed, please ask the manager)



Rev. 23116


* Fix auto-mounting bolts with their purchase;
* Fixed the "fall" at the exit from the shipElevator;
* Fix quest (10743) Strange Fangus;
* Fix peredvizheniya monsters;
* Partial rollback. In Ertheia arena Giuliani was still;
* At the Olympics arena with Gorgoliani is no longer used (afflic);
* Fixed distribution of the class battles;
* Olympiad to be held at 20:00 (afflic);
* Increased functionality of AI;
* Monsters can now walk on walker_route (super_point);
* Fixed movement of Gordon offs;
* Fix tutorial fishing;
* Fix of NPE;
* Fixed dialogue NPC: Monk of Chaos;
* Bots will no longer attack the Republic of Belarus;
* Quietly disappeared library Trove;
* Fix service additional Windows;
* Fix the Manager's job Auctions of Clan Halls;
+ Implemented object (38222) Fish Stew - WIT;
+ Implemented object (38223) Fish Stew - INT;
+ Implemented object (38224) Fish Stew - MEN;
+ Implemented object (38225) Fish Stew - DEX;
+ Implemented object (38226) Fish Stew - STR;
+ Implemented object (38227) Fish Stew - CON;
* Call of Hermarchus no longer comes, if they have degenerated;
* Fix alchemist in Benon;
* Fixed the entrance to extreme Tauti;
* Fix initialization of the Olympic games on Sundays;
* Fix reference to the repository of the clan;
* Fix flow RAID of the eyes;
+ Added admin command //addrp to add RAID eyes of the character;
* Updated RAID Points Ertheia;
* Fix duplication of ballista from Ithini;
* Fix use the effect of "push" on the NPC using the flag isThrowAndKnockImmune;
* Possible fix of the immortality of the beast Octavia;
* Reset the timers and tasks of the AI when you remove the NPC from the world, and that predotvratit, NPE in some cases, and reduce the load;
* Fix working Pvp events;
* Fix loading of Monticello;
* Cosmetics for epic bosses;
* Afflic teleportation through the book teleports. Character now casts skill to teleport;
* Change of key pagan
* Fix itema 35562
* Small fix quest 759
* Fix condition for creating a Command Channel;
* Fixed the work of Bauma;
* Fix Antharas work;
* Fix valakas's work;
* Optimization;
* To spawn in groups reflekt now do not have to inicializovat reflekt using it instances;
* Olympics not held on Sundays (afflic);
* Fix skill teleport from agatino;
* Fix of NPE;
* Cast time flag in the fortress is static and does not depend on any parameters (afflic);
+ Implemented object (38397) Expertise Rune (D-grade);
+ Implemented object (38398) Expertise Rune Pack;
+ Implemented object (38399) Expertise Rune (C-grade);
+ Implemented object (38400) Expertise Rune Pack;
+ Implemented object (38401) Expertise Rune (B-grade);
+ Implemented object (38402) Expertise Rune Pack;
+ Implemented object (38403) Expertise Rune (A-grade);
+ Implemented object (38404) Expertise Rune Pack;
+ Implemented object (38405) Expertise Rune (S-grade);
+ Implemented object (38406) Expertise Rune Pack;
+ Implemented object (38407) Expertise Rune (S80-grade);
+ Implemented object (38408) Expertise Rune Pack;
+ Implemented object (38409) Expertise Rune (R-grade);
+ Implemented object (38410) Expertise Rune Pack;
+ Implemented object (38411) Expertise Rune (R95-grade);
+ Implemented object (38412) Expertise Rune Pack;
+ Implemented object (38413) Expertise Rune (R99-grade);
+ Implemented object (38414) Expertise Rune Pack;
* Added daily rollback coupons for entrance to enstasy
* Items 38397-38414 (TODO 17569-17577 Skill the type of skill or the option to wear the specified grade)
* Premium cube 30 days
* Fixed bonus of the Immortal set Attack Type / Heavy
* Fixed healers andwine
* Added 776 multisel the blessing things
* Fix NegativeArrayException;
* Fix custom download folder skills;
+ Spawn Shadai in Hein;



Rev. 22791


* Fix Spatial Barrier
* Fix quests 551 553
- Removed duplicate spawn;
* Update most of the references in the dialogues under the title;
- Removed unnecessary NPC models to prevent putanec;
+ Implemented TCP baypass deposit, withdraw;
* Update most of the references in the dialogues under the title;
* Code optimization processing bypass solutions;
- Cleaning of unnecessary code;
* Rewritten the login process to fully Valakas offs;
* Rewritten the login process to fully Antharas offs;
+ Implemented object (34778) Squash Ring (Warrior) (thx. Scorpion);
+ Implemented object (34779) Squash Earring (Warrior) (thx. Scorpion);
+ Implemented object (34780) Squash Necklace (thx. Scorpion);
+ Implemented a dozen items
* Fixed skills (30505) Pressure Punch;
* Updated the base client information;
+ Added a flag in it quests - isAbortable that prohibits the player cancel quest;
* Fix for the immortality of the mobs when you interrupt homecoming monster;
+ Added condison quests to check the class type of the character;
* After you use the skill "Corpse Explosion" and similar corpse disappears;
* Fix returning to spawn RB;
+ English translation of the message TvT and Hasher events;
* Fix operation of the PA system;
* Monsters near the village of Talking Island have a small radius of prosecution purposes and when they return to spawn, they have fully restored HP and MP (afflic);
+ Added admin command //distance to check the distance from the destination;
* Cosmetics AI monsters. Now montry return to spawn completely true to offs;
* Cosmetics AI monsters offs;
* Makeup tutorial for offs;
* Fixed the work of the tutorial;
* Afflic implementation skills (30521) Damage Up;
* Fixed skill Shadow Flash offs;
* Fixed skills Superior Heavy Armor Mastery;
* Optimization of the summons;
* Afflic implementation of targeting skills;
+ Preparations for afflic implementation of targeting skills;
* Fix drop in Lair of Antharas;
* Fix removal of PA items after the expiry of the PA;
* Updated drop in Lair of Antharas;
* Fix create command channel;
* Fix system reflectionof;
* Cosmetics display quest dialogues;
+ Implemented parameter "critical_rate_modifier" in the magic abilities, which is a modifier of the MAG. Crete. attack when using this skill;
* Fix dupa through And Douala;
* Fixed effects triggers skills Aqua Crash;
+ Implemented: (40056) Mysterious Wind Scroll;
+ Implemented: (40231) Freya's Frozen Scroll;
+ Implemented: (40361) Agathion - Joon Pack;
+ Implemented: (40362) Agathion - Joon Pack (30-day);
* Fix instance of Trajan;
* Fix sharpening weapons bots;
+ Started implementation of the civil code with the passage of quests;
* Baylor and Oktavis rolled back only on Wednesday and Saturday (afflic) (thx. Scorpions);
* Fixes, NPE;
* Does not duplicate the tasks of AI bots when they respawn;
* Fixed bug with tutorial via letter Kerberos and SIRENIA;
* Taught bots to raise their drop;
* Update in a database;
* Fix algorithm bots;
* System optimization bots;



Rev. 22595


* Improved algorithm of intelligence bots;
* Optimization bots;
* Fix the installation database;
* Protection against unauthorised substitution of the class ID when creating a character;
* Cosmetics skill tree degeneration;
* If buff trigger llaganuco goal, not doing the character pluginutil (afflic);
* The character RB is throwing the penalty paralysis when using the triggers (afflic);
* Fixed work skills Black Hole 2 and level 3;
* Buffs Despot ISA are only for clan members (afflic);
* Cosmetics mechanics, skill tree after rebirth;
+ Added custom folder skills;
* When dressing the weapons with the skills of augmentation do not set initial roll (afflic);
* When dressing item with a skill bonus of sharpening do not set initial roll (afflic);
* Fix getting the time via cron;
* Fix bypass the exchange Sphere Seroma have Vitamin Manager;
* Cosmetics engine KKH;
* Fix tutorial;
* Optimization and upgrading offs of the tutorial;
* Fix nipple use skills;
* Makeup tutorial;
* The fix works, NPE when using the nipple;
* Testing inherited skills
* Fix paketi;
* Cosmetics system instancevar zones;
* With the purchase of a profession will automatically cancel the quest for it;
* Expansion of the functionality of the engine quests;
* HP, MP, CP cannot be lowered below 1 (afflic);
* Fix the Pvp system;
* Fix premature collapse reflectob;
* Fix automatic use of fish nipple;
* Fix service additional Windows;
* Fix zakidyvaniya rods, if the character is fence;
* Fix of NPE authorization without protection;
* Fix the PvP system;
* Fixed crystallization;
+ Translation of some dialogues in English;
+ English translation service additional Windows;
* Fix nipple use physical skills. Now do not use their skills, which should not;
* Fix consumption item is the away team, after the review;
* Fix basic bots;
* Fix work the nipple;
* Spawn the NPC and BAF Herald Terse after the murder of Intracanalicular
* Spawn the vitamin Manager issued under the config;
* Fix the work instance;
* Afflic package package SkillCoolTime;
+ Added the European locale of the client;
* Send the map to where the KKH depending on the locale of the client, and not from the active server language;
* Fixed Elixir: Divine Protection
* Fix quest 10312
* Chest Energy Carly
* Area of fishing(the end)
* Cosmetics system auto-shots;
* Update lib;
* Optimization of the system auto-shots;
* Cosmetic grading of items.
* Cosmetics on automatic use of nipple;
* Fixed the entrance to the Extreme Tauti;
* Fix call to tauti(extreme)
* Rewritten area fishing: Lake Narsil, Giran Harbor, Near the Castle, Gludio, the Neutral Zone, Heine, Giran Bridges (TODO: Rainbow Lake, Valley of the Dinosaurs, Lake Palmer)
* Fix automatic use of fish nipple;
+ Added config RATE_QUEST_REWARD_EXP_SP_ADENA_ONLY that allows you to specify the effect rate value of the reward for the quest just for the EXP, SP and Adena;
* Fix Agra monsters after relocateamerica character;
* Cosmetics for Octavia offs. Now we see the bond between Octavian and animals;
- Removed unnecessary mechanics;
* Fix NPE;
* Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException;
* Fix updating the time functions of the residence;
* High does not use pacifiers (afflic);



Rev. 22280


* Fixed learning skill cry of the Soul the Voice of doom ISA;
* Fix teleport. removed procedure ID reflekta to prevent subsequent putanec;
* Fix the ability to summon members of the group;
* Protection from possible dupe across the nipples;
* Fix dupa through the automatic use of the items;
* Fix dupe;
* Fixed call of the character;
* Fix effect Negate the Mark;
* Update of user information;
+ Instant Eternal Refuge
* Different implementations of skills and item (thx Scorp)
* Fixed the system limitation of Windows;
* Cleaning the old spawn chests
* Fix working quests;
* Fix handler for a strictly limited item offline trade;
* Fix dupa through the purchase of items (Refund);
+ Added new types of service of the additional Windows;
* Cosmetics teleports in kommuniti;
* Teleports in kommuniti now in the list you can nest a list, etc.;
* Fix for the bots;
* The system offline Commerce is now possible to specify the expiry time of the trade individually.
+ Implemented config for the XP bonus for the number of clan members in the same group;
* Fix dialogue in the quest 10304
+ Implemented config to restrict players without PA;
- Removed outdated configs;
* Fixes, NPE;
* Fix paketi;
* Fix cloned seeds watermelons;
* Fixed work Shift+Click on monster
* Fix the purchasing function of the subject in the castle;
* Fixed the entrance to the instance;
* Fix use top-abilities during the attack;
+ Implemented PTS baypass "talk_select";
* Updated tool for Parsa;
* If Pars HTM remove BOM if present;
* Added the function of the NPC to correct the links;
* Doubrovina a list of teleports in the residences at offs;
* Fix fetch function recovery EXP in residences;
* Initialize areas of the residence while downloading residence and not during initialization, to prevent subsequent NPE;
* Fix NPE;
* Change the regen of the character in the residence
* Members of one group see its members through (afflic);
- Once the dialogue;
* Fixed skills to restore vitality. After using updated information about the vitaliti;
* The effect of fear with a certain chance when attacking strays, in the same way as stun (afflic);
- Removed outdated mechanics;
* Each NPC is assigned zastavana now your bility, not General. Now if zaspanie 2 of the same NPCs, when buy the first, will not be taken away available number of items at the second (Afflic);
* Code optimization hash html;
* Afflic use baypass link in the dialogues of the NPC;
* Dialogs now do not depend on NPC (afflic);
- Remove unnecessary checks when using NPC dialogues;
* Cosmetics features temporary clan halls offs;
+ Russian translation of the dialogue of temporary auction halls of the clan;
+ Implemented a temporary auction halls of the clan;
+ Implemented auction time KKH;
* Fixed the entrance to bless Tauti when you enable the config to disable the requirement level of the Seed of Hellfire to enter to Tauti;
* Fix the teleport after death in sieges, and other events;
* Fix teleport in Krum in the admin panel;
+ Russian translation Manager temporary clan halls;
+ When the Manager of the temporary hall of the clan the player is doing the action of greeting, sorrow, temptation, the bow, the Manager is responsible character (afflic);
* Fix display names of the temporary hall
+ Implemented TCP bypass "deposit_pledge";
+ Implemented TCP bypass "withdraw_pledge";
* Fully implements all function of temporary KKH;
+ Implementation of the engine of the provisional clan halls;
* A list of teleports from NPC support multiple bindings to the castle (afflic);
- Cleaning;
* Updated list of teleports in the residences (KKH, Fort, castle) offs (thx. VenomRider);
* Transfer the functions of the mates in the residence for Russian;
* Instensive zones can now have multiple input types (solo, party, CC);
* Slightly changed the design of the functions available in the residences;
* Prescribed residences available functions in full compliance with the stage;
* Cosmetics Manager at the residences offs;
+ Implemented TCP bypass teleport_request;
* A list of teleports residences issued to the respective NPCs;
* Added validation functions for creating object and teleport. Now you cannot call inappropriate acquired the level punktu;
* Cosmetics Manager residences closer to the offs;
* The Manager of the residence gets a passive skill which increases his MP regen and MP in accordance with the level of function buffs (afflic);
* Completely rewritten the functions of the residences in the offs;
+ Implemented exchange blessed things (34777) a Scroll of Blessing - R99 Grade (Event);
* Afflic implement the functions of residences;
+ Implemented skills 4367 - 4375;
* Begin all use Manager Ivanovich triggers;
+ Added a teleport in Kaynak in the admin panel;
* Event trigger has area sent not when you enter the area and when approaching the area (afflic);
* Now the event triggers you can bind to spawn the NPC;
* . Event Manager event on the pedestal, the pedestal begins to glow (afflic);
* Renamed the main reflection to prevent putanec;
+ Implemented a competent system Event Triggers;
* Cosmetics functionality of reflectionof;
* Fix in the spatial barrier
+ Afflic realization event, Summer Smash Melons;
+ Afflic implementation of event Great Big Squash;
* A full update of the AI at the watermelon offs;
* Cosmetics Great event Squash Event.
* Start the upgrade event Summer Meleons Event for offs;
- Removed irrelevant tools for the database;
* Fix enter the game after the disconnection when using the limit function active Windows;
+ Added mass-delete function item in the event;
* Cosmetics fan events for offs;
* Extension of the functionality of engine events;
* Spawn events in a separate file;
* Event of The Fall Harvest is fully updated according to offs and renamed the Great Big Squash Event.
* Rewritten AI Pumpkins for The Fall Harvest event completely 1 to 1 for offs;
* Rewritten event The Fall Harvest under the new it events;
* Update event of The Fall Harvest at the offs;
* NPCs can now have a host;
* Enhance the AI of the NPC;
* Designed new summons now are not passive and accept the same type of defense as has already called summoned;
+ Implemented the crystallization of the zodiac agatino;
+ Implemented can craft hats with a pendant;
* When you teleport to the Pvp event remove prohibited items;
+ Implemented p_crit_rate_limit stat, which increases the limit physical crit chance;
* Updated skill (10610) Critical Expansions at offs. It is not uvelichivaet chance of physical attack crit to the max, and increases the limit of the chance of physics and Crete. attack by 10% ...
* When dressing things with skills augmentation or sharpening, put a skill roll (max 30 sec) (afflic);
+ Implemented all scrolls of blessing for weapons;
+ Added data files for clients;
* Ability Rocky Camouflage has a fixed rollback;
* All dwarves with ease to enter the code on the siege of the Fort, and not just the crafters (afflic);
* Passed a General skill tree of the classes of rebirth in a single file;
* Fix the loss of the skills of the revelation in the study of the abiliti skills;
* Fix dupe adena with a Donation of Coins of the Iron Gates;
+ Added restart of the zone in the zone of the Seed of Hellfire;
* Fix the installation database;
* Effects upon the death of a monster does not fall off (afflic);
* All self-effects with the same abnormal type replace each other (afflic);
* Deleting all GeoControl-objects (doors, warped space, etc.) with square GEODATA, remove it from dublinese GEODATA reflekta;
* Optimization headpiece. Now consumed less memory when loaded geodate;
* Fixed work GEODATA in reflecto. Now the squares GEODATA in reflekt loaded as needed, even if reflekt stretch for a few squares.
+ Procurement for implementation of afflic functions of the residences;
+ Implemented skill (23167) Rosy Seduction;
+ Implemented skill (23168) Art of Seduction;
+ Implemented skill (23169) Mesmerized;
+ Implemented skill (23170) Mesmerized;
* If a player Genuine, his pet, too, in Genuine;
* Fix z coordinates randomly in the spawn Barrier
* Added missing spawn RB
* Temporary fix is to open doors in the Barrier(necessary fixes in GEODATA)
* Fix in the appearance Bestow in the Spatial Rift
* The dimensional Barrier completed option
- Removed debris.
+ Added ability to use objects of the host when using a skill of pet;
* Fix effect i_hp_drain, absorbed 100 times more HP than you need;
* Off limit of Crete 500;
* Fix display of the resist critical damage on command .whoiam;
* Fix formula resists critical damage when attacking physical skills;
- Removed unused custom instances;



Rev. 21733


* Managers residence is always a fixed amount of MP and it is not consumed;
In pursuit of the character closer to the offs;
* Fix NPC moving like animals in the Talking Island Village;
+ Implemented areas for temporary KKH;
+ Russian localization added information on fines clan;
* Fixed IndexOutOfBoundsException;
* Fix the change of the owner in castles, FORTS, KKH;
* Work on the implementation of temporary KKH;
+ Dialogs for auction temporary KKH;
* Work on the implementation of temporary clan halls;
* Work on the implementation of temporary clan halls;
+ Added English localization in the Pvp system of awards;
* The stored information about the owner of the residence (castle, CH, Fort in the corresponding tables;
* Fix monsters at the Wall of Argos;
* Fixed work Shift+Click commands for a NPC type NpcFriend;
* Work on the implementation of temporary clan halls;
+ Start of implementation of the Provisional Clan Halls;
* Expansion of the functionality of the engine of reflectionof;
+ Implemented config for annons rebirth RB;
* Fix quest (10333) Disappeared Sakum;
* Fully updated spawn in Ruins of Despair offs;
* Fix quest (10337) Sakum Impact;
* Cosmetics quest (10364) Obligations Of the Seeker;
* Buffs Pets made in datapac;
* Spawn Fortress Gilotina on title scripts
* Spawn the Garden of Genesis, Bloody Swamp, Altar of Evil on title scripts
* Treasure Chests spawn of another dimension on PTS scripts.
* Implemented exchange coupons pet Rose the Manager of the Vitamins;
* Fix exchange Dark Assassin Suit from the Manager of Vitamins;
* Fix spawn monsters when attacking post in the Altar of Mimir;
+ Added teleports into Temporary Halls of the Clan in the admin panel;
+ Procurement for implementation of the present clan halls;
* Fix activation of the zones of jumps in the instances;
+ Implemented jumping in Spatial Barrier;
+ Quests 10801-10807
+ Instant Spatial Barrier (draft)
* Fix tutorial. Now climbs the incorrect time the message about the need to quest for a profession;
* Cosmetics Mamonov for offs;
+ Implemented config limiting the level of sharpening items at the Olympics;
+ Implemented new afflic effect "i_hp_drain";
* Altered ability Death Lord fully for offs;
* More fixes on the system abiliti abilities;
* Fix adding extra skills in the study skills system abilities;
- Extra third-party libraries; - Removed debris.
* Fixed jumps in skills. The character arrives to the goal after using a skill, while using a skill (afflic);
* Fixed removeing the caste and the camp during the attack of the character;
* Fix Russian translation of the quest of the gentleman - (10369) Noblesse, Soul Testing;
* Fix Russian translation of the quest (210) to Obtain a Wolf Pet;
+ Possibility to use TCP bypass solutions in quests;
* Cosmetics some configs;
* Fixed descriptions of events;
* Fix download and compile server;
* Begin to use use_type with a list of skills the NPC;
* To fix statton some NPCs with low HP;
* Perearsti skills NPC with client Erteia;
* Sparsely skills PTS with NPC scripts.
* Updated the bonuses for enchanting armor offs;
* Fix RB spawn 25478
* Fix skill 30008
- Removed debris.
* Afflic order posylki messages when you enter the game;
* Fix for the PA system;
* Fix display of PA in the selection of characters;
* Fix system premium account;
* Fix issue of free premium account.
+ Implemented automatic cans use HP/MP/CP;
* Extend the functionality of the Assembly;
* When 'dark' checks condicon of the object is not output message (afflic);
+ New listeners when you change the current Hp, Mp, Cp;
* When you create a new set of buffs in kommuniti, automatically add to the buffs that are imposed on the character;
* Fixed displaying of chance to loot at very low values (Shift+Click);
* Fix to capture the Special Fortresses disabling backup power dwarves
* When using cursed weapons epic zone on the player imposed curse rate (configurable);
+ Added config to ban the use of transformations in epic zones;
* Cosmetics new event TvT and Hasher;



Rev. 21492


- Removed old unused events;
- Removed old event TvT. Use new in the dataeventspvp[8] tvt_relax.xml!!!;
- Removed old event Last Hero. Use new in the dataeventspvp[10] hasher_relax.xml!!!;
+ Instant Baltus Knights:Antharas Expedition(Balthus Knight: Antharas Expedition)
+ Quests 10701 10702 10709 10710
* Fixed the entrance to Belev
* STR and INT still affect critical damage. attack;
* Fixed bug with items when you use comisionado store;
* Fix for Beleth(test chance of occurrence is not removed)
+ When triggered, good luck, over the clover character appears and displays the appropriate message (offlike);
* Fixed Totems Of Tyre;
* Fix dupa through the attributes of the Commission;
* Fix operation of the bypass solutions in kommuniti;
- Use third-party libraries;
* Removed Frintezza''s Magic Force Field Removal Scroll to access printese
* Fix itema Love Potion
* Fix bindings work on HWID protection on L2-Scripts;
* Fix deposition, Thelego Stone Wind when mixing (alchemy);
+ Implemented double craft R-R99 things;
* Fix the lifting of immunities ability (11604) Shocking Blow;
* Fix gain experience with a large number of multipliers, etc.;
* Fix quest for the 1st profession;
* Fixed the quest "Meeting with Hallinta";
- Cleaning quests from unnecessary code;
* Cosmetics in Coral garden
* Fix of NPE have Antharas;
* Fix working skills to Build a forward Base on the siege;
+ Swerves purchase additional Windows;
+ Implementation of new RAID zones BelefDarion
* fix quest 10459
* Fix dialogs on 3ью prof(should not portowall when closing)
* After 5 seconds of teleportacia to the Olympics, once again, restore all HP, MP, CP (offlike);
+ More detailed logging to messages with objects;
* Fix receipt of deferred items;
* Display drop by Shift+Click more clearly, a simpler and more accurate for the player;
+ Quests 10456 10457 10458 10459
* Fixed skills 176 16129 16130 11605
* Fix quest 775
* Fix formula the amount of the crystals during sharpening fail;
+ Added missing dialogues;
* Fix some dialogs;
* Fixed the work of the panel changing the maximum number of members;
* Fixed totems taranta. regardless of the time effects model oth-other (afflic);



Rev. 21311


* Fix system loading custom images into the Assembly;
* During the exile of academician of the fine on the clan is not imposed (afflic);
* Fixed the blocking effect of the target. The player himself can always pick a target (afflic);
* Afflic tax system (Tauti>Ertheia);
* Limited Melee Weapon Resistance is not replaced by the effects of Elemental Resistance skills;
* Limited Ranged Weapon Resistance is not replaced by the effects of Elemental Resistance skills;
* Optimization;
+ Implemented option skills for a bonus adena rate value;
* Updated NPC Razen up-to-date Chronicles;
* Fix jumps (Romanov) Dion;
* Fixed the skill Throw Poison Needle (thx. Scorpius);
* Offe absorb HP (vampiric) from civilian NPCs;
* Fix absorb HP when attacking Ithini;
* Fix quest 471
* Fix the Crystal hall
* Fix quest 10357
* Quests the Fallen leader Fallen leader and the truth about him
+ The dungeons Kimerian (normal) Kimerian (extreme)
* Fix pasting in full armor outerwear (afflic);
* Fix the display of the information in the inventory about an altered appearance after the change;
* Fiksiki in the synthesis of data from Odyssey were
+ Added config to the end time of the period of the Olympic games;
* Call RB universal stone 26517
* Balist truth cannot talktative;
* Fix possible duplicate balisty of truth;
* Fix NPC Mumu work in harness;
* Fix statton character on the mounts;
* Fix flight on the Wyvern;
* At break, komandoo channel now does not throw players from the instance (afflic);
* Fix server lag;
* To the previous commit fix for reflekt itself anthiny
* Fix for iskino is now impossible to kill, only balistol.
* Scroll wind artei
* Fix rewards in the quest 759
* Synthesis of agatino 24000-24132, 24188-24330
* Skill agatino 24188-24330
* Fix skill from agathion of Taurus and Leo
* Adjustment of kartii, the Warden no longer runs away when HP < 30%, for debugging ...
+ instance Coral Garden
* sync underground;
* Fix work Queen Ants;
* Fix "drop" when exiting the elevators;
* Fix the falling through into the ground when you exit the elevators;
An extra parcel of the package;
* Fix display the castle in the information window of the clan;
* Fixed errors when sorting agrolist;
* When you teleport from MTD character is transferred all on the same MDT (afflic);
* Work on Cartii;
* Work on optimization of cartii;
* fix quest 10304
* Work on optimization of cartii;
+ Quests 10726 10727 10728 10729 10730 10731 10747 10809 10461
+ Implemented bonuses of regenerating HP, MP, CP during beasitialty;
* Fix paketi;
* Fix rare crash when checking shorts-kata;
* adjustment of fire and pearl hall
* Fixed skill tree from Marauder (thx.Scorpius);
- Extra;
* Optimization;
* Fix java.lang.Integer cannot be cast to;
* Updated the Runes drop, now they don't affect drop rate and drop chance (afflic);
+ Added the ability to specify in the PA modifiers chance to loot and spoils;
* Cosmetics display drop by shift+click;
+ Implemented config DROP_CHANCE_MODIFIER, which affects the chance to loot;
+ Implemented config SPOIL_CHANCE_MODIFIER, which affects the chance of spoil;
+ Realizovan stat drop_chance_modifier that VL...
* Punitive effects of bot report don't come off at the point of death;
* Refactoring effect Root > p_block_move (afflic);
+ Implemented effect p_violet_boy;
+ Implemented effect p_block_party;
+ Implemented the ability to: (6038) Report Status;
+ Implemented the ability to: (6039) Report Status;
+ Implemented the ability to: (6040) Status Report;
+ Implemented the ability to: (6055) Report Status;
+ Implemented the ability to: (6056) Report Status;
+ Implemented the ability to: (6057) Report Status;
+ Implemented the ability to: (6058) Report Status;
* Optimize the bot-report system;
+ Implemented, afflic bot-report system;
* Anti-bot system-default is off;
+ Procurement for the implementation of afflic bot-report system;
* Fix compiler;
* Instant Pearl hall
* Minor fixes
* Fix nipple use by the summons;
* adjustment of cartia
* Fix coordinates for GEODATA in the fiery maze
* Cosmetics in the dungeons
* dialogue tutorial missed
* Fixes, NPE;
* Fix use of NPS nipple;
* Fix issue of bonus sharpening when dressing ekipirovka;
* Fix use of nipple monsters;



Rev. 20899


* Fix NPE;
* In instances now not obezatelno to specify a minimum and maximum level of input;
+ Fiery maze(Parnas)
* Correcting time shifts of the Halls on Parnaye
* Fix attack speed of the NPC archers. Previously attacked very quickly, without considering any constraint (afflic);
* Fix drop rate from spasennykh with databases;
* Fixed displaying of chance to loot by Shift+Click;
* City guard is not a shift+click;
* Code optimization;
* Options bonuses augmentation and sharpening are no longer joined, but are replaced by each other of the same (afflic);
* Fix stray NPCs;
+ Added missing message;
* Fixed ancient bug where when removing one of two identical epic jewelry, the ability disappeared;
* Saving bandwidth and not so much now load the server when removing / putting things;
+ Implemented an option in capsuled_items: enchant_level;
+ Implemented an option in restoration skills: enchant_level;
* The instant Tidy redone in 93+
* Addition experience in fishing
* Fix for two-handed dragons
* Implemented the option to "enchanted" in itema;
* Fix the possibility of making doors kill in instances;
* Fix inheritance of skills after re-rebirth;
* Fix sieges of castles;
* Castles now peaceful NPCs are spawned like normal NPCs, but in the event of a siege;
* Fix java.lang.Integer cannot be cast to;
* Fix the conditions for the quest (775) Retrieving the Chaos Fragment;
* Small optimization. Save a bit of traffic at the authorization;
* Fix skills 30008 30009
* If the host loses the lock, it automatically switches on the bright side (afflic);
* Fix the preservation of the castle after the siege;
* Fix power skill Sacrifice;
* Fix taking the quest 33
* Fix NPE
* sync unstable[7894-7924];
* Fix learning level 6 skills Mass Shackles;
* When disconnecting the siege of the Fort, now spawnin NPCs not belonging to this Fort (afflic);
+ Quests 10723 10724 10725
* Cosmetics Altar Of Shillien;
* Changed hardcore spawn lightdark locks;
* Spawn NPC-owned castle is now dependent on the availability of the siege of the castle (offlike);
* Implementation of instant "Altar Silen"
+ Implemented config for the maximum number of members in the group;
* Clones of daggerstab now use only the native skills of the profession of the owner (afflic);
* Fix invitations to the group;
* Fix compensation if you fail to alchemy;
+ Quests 10720 10721 10722
* Is completed by the fishing experience level 85 to 91
* Cosmetics display drop by Shift+Click. Now, more clearly and sensibly displayed ratovka drop;
* Fix XP Rune I (Lv. 1-85), it is no longer in effect after level 85;
* Fixed quest (503) Pursuit Clan Ambition;
* When disconnecting the siege of PFS NPCs spawnin not belong to CH (afflic);
* Not taken into account when calculating loot, free-modifier twice;
* Optimization formula drops;
* Cosmetics formulas drop;
* A more correct display of the chance to loot by Shift+Click;
+ Implemented config RATE_XP_RAIDBOSS_MODIFIER;
* Stones attributes 36972-36977
* A small adjustment in the spawn Magolda
* Changed despawn the mobs in kartii 3rd room. if killing the Keeper immediately despawned.
* Altered mechanics of the issuance of the quests Kekrops and Serini in the tutorial(now the quest is not automatically taken, but only after clicking on the icon that appears)
* Added fishing bait 46084, tweaked the amount of experience for fishing.
+ Quests 10717 10718
* An item 39554 39555
* Spawn 3340633155 after passing kamaloka
* Expanded functional effect "GetEffects";
* Bonus skills (19032) Ability of Light do not apply to chaotic characters (PK);
* Updated GM shop in admin panel;
* Updated point of teleport in the admin panel;
+ Added epic weapons in GM shop;
+ Added R gems and crystals in GM shop;
* Baium to respawn at 16:00 every Sunday (afflic);
* Fix display of titles of Samsonov during the Festival of Chaos. Now do not display the actual name of the owner, and gaming;
* Optimization of design instances. Now you do not need to specify the number of the card instance for the operation of the doors;
* Fix effects, which should not overlap Samsonov. They also should not be imposed on Pets;
* The blend effect Energy of Chaos, which changes the hair and the cloak, the participants of the Festival of Chaos;
* Fishermen do not go to Olympic combat, and the chaos festival (afflic);
* Fix unregistration to the Festival of Chaos;
* Fix display names in system chat at the Festival of Chaos. Now do not display the actual names;
* Rasshirenie the functionality of the engine is quests;
* Code optimization quests;
- Code cleanup quests;
* Optimization of engine quests;
* Cosmetics AI WatchmanMonster on offu;
* Fix call to valakas
+ Quest 500 withdrawal on the PC(Add the Listener to gain experience and add a quest when you receive a certain amount of experience to give a quest item until the quest is not otherwise pass)
* Agation Of Criogenia
- Dialogue from the quest 500 old Chronicles
* Fix the check of the distance between NPCs and the player. Check the distance in 3D space, not 2D. Previously, you could talk to NPCs on the different floors and tops;
* Fix dialogue 31045
* Fix quest 10312 769
* Fixed taking quests 34 35 36
* Fix quest 10304
* Small alterations in kartii
* Fix NPE;
* The fortune-teller translation in English;
* Translation neoperabelnykh TP in kommuniti;
* Fix displaying of HP, MP during the observation;
* Fix invisibility. The character himself can't be considered invisible;
* Fix paketi;
* Fix the God mode after exiting the monitoring mode;



Rev. 20590


* New pvp events by default turned off;
* Cosmetics new Pvp events;
* Fix spawn Corpse of Dwarf;
* Fixed effects restore MP and CP;
* Fix error Cartii;
* Fix removal of the abnormal at the end of event pvp;
* Fix undefined abnormal effects;
* Expansion of the functional iventovye engine;
* Fix changing type of rebirth Essence of Chaos. If we change the base class, we don't change the heir (afflic);
* Taken from the Holy character Pomonder and with the Bank too (offlike);
* Fixed quest (10385) Red Thread of Fate, if the character is unable to log in to the instance, not taking the subject;
* Fix Hilo at the Crystal Regeneration skill;
* Fix skill restore HP, MP, CP. The force of restore per tick is calculated when applying the effect, and not with every tick (afflic);
* Fix for effect Petrification, not breaking his caste during caste;
* Sync with Odyssey
* Limit of base stats (STR, CON, DEX, etc.) is raised to 200 (afflic);
* Skills poem gain and such act not only on sportical but all of peaceful character;
* Fixed search path;
* Fix Dark Cloud Mansion;
* Fix work skills during the transformation;
* Fix paketi;
* Optimization;
* Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException;
* Cosmetics quests;
* Fix explore the rage of the Orc;
* Critical fix of skills;
* Not loaded in the memory is empty triggers;
* Work to implement SkillEntry;
* Fixed "Comparison method violates its general contract!";
* Fix NPE;
* Fix paired social action;
* Cosmetics invisibility, Sammon always sees his master;
* Fix paketi;
* Fix display of Sammon in the appeal;
* Fixed observers;
* Share the skills of NPCs on the client and the actual;
* Fix flag attacks;
* Extension of the functionality of engine quests;
* Fixed lock-on animation caste, now the character sees his caste, but does not see the others;
* Fix display of caste with a dual-caste;
* Fix command to disable the animation of the buff (not working after relog);
* Fix quest Guard Ranger;
* Small fix dupe through the alchemy because of a typo in the client;
* Fixed Zaken minions of the Night;
* Do not replace the old buff with a new buff, if he has time less old;
* Fix flag war target + fix command nexttarget;
* Makeup is fine at RB buffGil attacking a character, the character of this senior RB from (afflic);
* Fix attack range of a lance;
* Fixed the quests for the 3rd profession. Start NPC do not depend on the character's race, and to race his profe;
* Compliance audit under Kraft;
* Fixed skill Great Aggression, now target attacks the caster;

* Fix NPE;
* Fix Certification Of Fate quest;
* Ability Spallation can be used only with the knuckles;
- The excess;
* Fix load on the system in pursuit of the goal;
* Makeup by bots;
* Fix dialogs;
+ Sparsely missing state weapons with Ertheia client;
* If the character is not struck anyone time ability, then it does not go into a combat situation (afflic);
* Cosmetic Auras Siegel on offu;
* Fix monsters attack monsters in an inappropriate moment;
- The excess;
* Monsters agrada character in neatakuyuschy transformation (afflic);
* Fix quest A Whole new Level of Alchemy;
+ Presets for new events;
* Optimized system observers;
* Possible fix lindvior;
* Fixed quest Start Of Fate;
* The ability to "Fast Run" can be used during another action (afflic);
+ Implementation of the object: Hero's XP Scroll;
+ Blanks missing quests;
* Fix "away" teams;
+ The implementation of some skills (thx.Scorpius);
* Fix some skills off (thx.Scorpius);
* Optimize the purchase of premium account;
* Fully implemented the new system afflic premium accounts;
* Work on the implementation of the new system of Premium Account;
- Old reaktornyj spawn Treasure Chests;
+ Nedostoyuschie dialogues;
+ Implemented quest: The one who awaits Paagrio;
- Cleaning quests;
* Updated The SAC Treasure Hunt - Ur. 5;
* Fix request in the database of quests;
* Fixed problem with auctioneer CH;
* Fixed quest (10307) The Corrupted Leader His Truth;
* Fix tutorial;
* Fix all the broken quests, after updating the engine;
+ Added a config to limit attribute attack;
+ Added mask completed quests in pakette that fixes correct display of the quests above NPC head;
+ Implementation of many items (thx. Scorpius);
* Fixed RB weapons added attributes of attack;
* Fix query to update the database;
* When switching to offline mode, interruptible fishing;
* Fix quests;
+ Implemented parameter speed_on_dex_dependence;
* Fix announce in the CtF event, Last Hero, TvT;
* Fix register for the event via kommuniti;
+ Implemented a listener for the completion of the quest;
* Request for the fix Neoplan heritage skills after rebirth;
* Fix for the quests engine;
* Fix actions on sharpening skills at the maximum sharpening;
* Update tutorial under updated engine quests;
* Updating the database for the new engine, quests;
* Quests engine;
* Cosmetics on sharpening skills;
- The usual ships in the Year don't swim anymore (afflic);
* Fix ships;
- Cleaning;
* Fix heritage skills after rebirth;
* Optimization of the quests;
+ Listeners for fishing;
+ Listeners for the Olympics;
+ Listeners for the Festival of Chaos;
* Fix display of monsters-Champions;
* Fix quest the source of the threat;
* Fix skills Superior Critical Arrow;
- The excess;
* Fixes skillam;
* Fix new Samonov Masters of the Elements, Venlo;
* Fix new Samonov lords of Shadows, Venlo;
* Fix new Samonov Warlock, Venlo;
* Fix the bonus chance to crit. attack from sharpening R lower armor;
* Cosmetics some skills off;
* Cosmetics triggers;
* Cosmetics off skills Arta;
* The effects of a rollover, repulsion and aerial shackles is no longer resets the aggressiveness of the monster (afflic);
* La Vie En Rose's Brilliant Brooch gives 12 inventory slots instead of 10;
* Cosmetics of certain skills;
* Frenzied Prevailing Sonata no longer removes Soul Cry (by. Eansen);
* Prevailing Song no longer removes Soul Cry (by. Eansen);
* Prevailing Frenzied Dance no longer removes Soul Cry (by. Eansen);
* Cosmetics skill tree of rebirth;
* Cosmetics pererodina on off, now, for example, by repeated rebirth, the character would inherit the skills of the ancestor, and not the base class Person. BUT the old classes and continue to inherit moronically basic skills class (AFFLIC TESTED OFFE!!!!);
* Afflic heritage list of skills after perodania Titan tyre;
* Update some formulas in off (by. Eansen);
* Fix working duel;
* Fix statov;
* Revert changes to Statham by Sammon. After the global statto fix, fix it automatically;
* Cosmetics skill Wrath on off (by. Eansen);
* Cosmetics skill Unbind on off (by. Eansen);
* Cosmetics skill Disparition by offe (by. Eansen);
* Cosmetics skill Dual - Master's Rage by offe (by. Eansen);
* Update skills Master of Combat on off (by Eansen);
* Skill Triple Sonic Slash uses nipples (afflic) (by. Eansen);
* Fix the bonus Physical. Atk. the skills Madness (by. Eanses);
* Sound Storm no longer uses Energy and uses Stone nipples (afflic) (by Eanses);
* Updated formula of physical attacks on off (by. Eansen);
* Global fix statov of all beings;


Rev. 19987


* Synchronization with other branches.

* Optimization antimat system;
* Delivers the ability of pets in the data / pets /;
* Delivers the ability to summons from pet_skills table data / npc /;
* Updated statte Summon Reaper Death by offu;
* Updated statte Sabretooth Summon Cougar on offu;
* Updated statte summon Honey Bear on offu;
* Updated the number of teats in summons for offu;
* Fix overlay host Buffon on PETA;
* Cosmetics Aura Knight Sigel;
* Buff Summon imposed on itself summon (offlayk);
+ Implemented Rybalsky stones change in appearance;
* Fix complex Octavis;
* Fix working characters (Poisoned zone, etc.);
* Cosmetics;
* Fix works Event Hearst;
* Moved one configuration to the right place;
* Optimization. Removed duplicate classes;
+ Implemented many new Agathion (thx Scorpius.);
+ Implemented chests for a new fishing system (thx Scorpius.);
* Fix bug with divorce through trade (thx Eansen.);
- Cut the lottery system (offlayk);
* Fix the entrance to traskenu (there was an invisible wall);
* Rewrote Freya Celebration Event Altered Realities Event for the new engine;
* Altered Event control menu, the list is now generated automatically by the existing event;
+ Added a new type of isnatnsov SOLO_QUEST, in which you can enter and in the presence of the group;
* Event Management Cosmetics;
* Cosmetics by formulas drop;
+ Implemented a drop of luck (LUC);
* Rewrote event Heroes Power for the new engine's Event;
* Rewrote event April Fools Day at the new engine's Event;
* Usovrshenstvoval new engine's Event;
* Cosmetics logic drop on offu;
* If you run the event, which is written on a new engine's Event through amidnku, it will be turned on and after the restart the server until the administrator of its own and does not turn off;
* Simplified information about NPC Drop by Shift + Click, to polee simple awareness chance;
* Optimization;
* Rewrote event Beer Festival for the new engine's Event;
* Optimization of the load on the processor;
* Fix the formula P.defa;
* Fixed audio when using critical success Blow skills (example: Mortal Blow);
* Fixed a visual display of double cast;
* Fixed quest (10365) Seeker Escort;
* Fix tyurmy;
* Work on the implementation of offlayk Octavis;
* R nipples can Kravt all degenerate characters (thx Scorpius.);
- Cleaning;
* Work on the implementation of offlayk Octavis;
* Cosmetics AI monsters;
* Engine Optimization minions;
* Work on the implementation of offlayk Octavis;
* Expanding the functionality;
* Optimization instance Octavis;
- Removed the old distinction of champion monsters (Orange and blue circle);
* You can not use a pacifier with a cursed weapon (offlayk);
+ Preparations for the census premium account system;
* Fixed quest fallen leader;
+ Implemented augmentation epic jewelery (in ertee she was, but the game could not get through);
+ The implementation of some of the item is (thx Scorpius.);
* Fixed some item is (thx Scorpius.);
* Fixed exchange tickets at the shadow of the supreme masters of weapons from;
* Fix display target repository via Alt + G;
* Fix Phantasms peak and the Apocalypse, when enchanted by 4 or more, issue a skill, uvelichivayuschits number of purposes;
* At an exchange subject through multisell that keeps sharpening, also save the modified image of the object;
* P. and M. protection can not fall out of the debuff less than half the basic protection values ​​(without buffs);
+ Implemented Item: 45416 Blue Happy Ticket (R);
+ Implemented Item: 45417 Blue Happy Ticket (R95);
+ Implemented Item: 45418 Blue Happy Ticket (R99);
+ Implemented Item: 45419 Red Happy Ticket (R);
+ Implemented Item: 45420 Red Happy Ticket (R95);
+ Implemented Item: 45421 Red Happy Ticket (R99);
+ Implemented item: 45 422 Royal Blue Happy Ticket (R);
+ Implemented item: 45423 Royal Blue Happy Ticket (R95);
+ Implemented item: 45424 Royal Blue Happy Ticket (R99);
+ Implemented item: 45425 Royal Red Happy Ticket (R);
+ Implemented item: 45 426 Royal Red Happy Ticket (R95);
+ Implemented item: 45427 Royal Red Happy Ticket (R99);
- Excess mechanics;
+ Implemented type of use end_effect effect;
* Cosmetics sharpening objects;
* Fix the power of poison effects. PTS scripts in force indicated without taking into account the interval ticks;
+ Implemented the ability to specify NPC sparsennye skills with the client separately for convenience parsaredaktirovaniya them;
+ Implemented the ability (5987) Weapon Maintenance;
+ Implemented the ability (5988) Armor Maintenance;
+ Implemented object (37527) Transformation Sealbook: Part-time Seller;
+ Implemented object (37528) Transformation Sealbook: Part-time Seller;
+ Implemented object (37529) Transformation Sealbook: Part-time Seller;
+ Implemented object (37530) Transformation Sealbook: Part-time Seller;
+ Implemented object (37531) Transformation Sealbook: Part-time Seller;
+ Implemented the ability (17091) Sealbook: One-eyed ParaPara Cat;
+ Implemented the ability (17092) Sealbook: Smiling ParaPara Cat;
+ Implemented the ability (17093) Sealbook: Charming ParaPara Cat;
+ Implemented the ability (17094) Sealbook: Ferocious ParaPara Cat;
+ Implemented the ability (17095) Sealbook: Merchant ParaPara Cat;
+ Implemented the ability (17096) Transform: One-eyed ParaPara Cat;
+ Implemented the ability (17097) Transform: Smiling ParaPara Cat;
+ Implemented the ability (17098) Transform: Charming ParaPara Cat;
+ Implemented the ability (17099) Transform: Ferocious ParaPara Cat;
+ Implemented the ability (17100) Transform: Merchant ParaPara Cat;
+ Implemented transformation merchants cats;
+ Blanks for all missing transformations;
+ Implemented all vitamin pets;
+ Implemented option in sharpening enchant_drop_count, which indicates the number of removable sharpening when Feil;
+ Implemented option in sharpening min_enchant_level, which specifies a minimum level of sharpening when Feil;
+ Implemented the ability to specify podgreydy in sharpening and sharpening stones;
* Fixed being summoned attack, if the target is not visible. Sammon will find himself a place from which you can see the goal (offlayk);
* Fixed the ability to "curved space", and now it is impossible to get out of the dome;
* Fix the passage through the doors;
* Engine Optimization geodata;
+ Blanks for characters that have geodata;
* Fixed quest Red Thread of Fate. If you can not enter the instance, it is not an item eats;
* Fix learning skill Sonic Storm after rebirth duelist;
* Fix learning skill Triple Sonic Slash after rebirth duelist;
* Do duelist after rebirth no ability to sound pulses (offlayk);
* Fix recipe scrolls blessing;
* Cosmetics Fishers;
* Updated the NPC Anglers (by Evil-Dnk);
* Cosmetics fish nipple;
* Returns Adena for exploring the old fishing skills (offlayk);
+ Implemented config Reita fishing;
+ Implemented new fish nipples;
* Fully implemented a new fishing system;
* Fixed a visual interruption of casting with a shortage of mana, etc .;
* Fix display GROUND use skills;
* Work on a new fishing system;
* Expanded functionality RESTORATION skills, you can now specify a message on failure;
- Remove the championship fishing in Ertheia no longer his;
- Remove the old fishing system;
+ Implemented the restriction of active windows on the HWID;
* Fix DOT effektov;
* Fixed loss of all abilities such as poison;
* Fix display headgear when choosing a character;
* Fixed display of heroism in the selection of the character;
* Fix display a blocked character in the selection of the character;
* Do not throw a curse raid by using abilities change sub-class and display headdress;
* Fix buff Assistant Beginners degenerative character;
* Fixed activation mechanisms siege reborn gnomes (Tyre Master);
* Possible fix Comparison method violates its general contract !;
* Update Villages Kaynak. In Ertheia she now always in PvP mode (;
* Small cosmetics login server;
* Works on paketke;
* Fix ConcurrentModificationException;
* Fix IllegalStateException;


Rev. 19675


* Fix for the release of Belarus in map
* Fix Baylor 98 (+ added a second to adjust the AI ​​and mechanics Insta)
+ AI Baylor
+ Implemented Crits DOT effects;
- Cleaning;
* Fix paketki;
* Fix java.lang.IllegalArgumentException;
* Optimization of sending packets of information on the NPS;
* Fix assignment AI settings after the first death of a monster;
* Improved NPC initialization;
* Recruit Offlayk implementation of AI and Instructors School Authority;
* Fix quests 032 10413 184 185 186 187 189 210 451 508 753 (thx Evil_dnk.);
* Fixed spawn 33155 and 33406 in Kamaloca (thx Evil_dnk.);
* Fixed teleport from Baylor zone (thx Evil_dnk.);
* Fixed spawn Liberado (thx Evil_dnk.);
* Full Processing Dungeons Narnia (AI, Spawn + added Herby) (thx Evil_dnk.);
* An item 208700-20878 37892 (thx Scorpius);
* Fix Vladiveyna 27481 (thx Evil_dnk.);
* Fixed the teleporter in the Shrine of Eternity (thx Evil_dnk.);
* Reputation clan is given in the preparation of the character level and sub-classes too (offlayk);
* Fix NPE;
* Fix print B-A grade armor from the blacksmith;
* Now when you run the monster to change the target, but will not run for the goal until it stop;
- Cleaning;
* Fixed search path to the goal of monsters;
* Fixed AI monsters. Closer to Offa;
+ Implemented an item: Stone Freya: (40232) Freya Stone: Enchant Weapon (R);
+ Implemented an item: Stone Freya: (40233) Freya Stone: Enchant Armor (R);
+ Implemented admin commands to debug;
* Minions spawn depending on the collision the master;
+ Added a reward in the quest (177) Split Destiny SA Stones and attributes;
* Fix generate create fake available online;
* Fix announcements;
* Fixed teleport in Shrine of Loyalty (Ur.73) (thx.Evil_dnk);
* Fixed quest (10370) Menacing Times (thx.Evil_dnk);
+ Implemented Quest (775) Retrieving the Chaos Fragment (thx Evil_dnk.);
* Information on Cosmetics possessions from the merchants;
* Updated vstavkavyemka CA Maestro Ishuma on offu;
* Fixed double insertion CA;
* Cosmetics Maestro Ishuma on offu;
* Fix errors in the map;
* Fixed skill Servitor Share;
* Fix ability Ultimate Servitor Share;
* Fix protection 1 debuff skills in Fluid Weave;
* Fixed quest for a forgotten heroes;
* Fixed instance "birthing room." Instance now lasts 30 minutes, and the very passage of 25 minutes, and the instance is now the entrance reset every 12 hours (Offlayk);
+ Implemented item is: (20584) Blessed Scroll of Resurrection (Event);
+ Implemented item is: (22623) Blessed Scroll of Resurrection;
+ Implemented item is: (33518) Blessed Scroll of Resurrection;
+ Implemented item is: (34781) Blessed Scroll of Resurrection;
* Fix dialogues Underground Coliseum manager;
* Optimization;
- Cleaning;
* Completely rewritten and optimized storage of objects;
* Cosmetics ServitorShare effect closer to Offa;
* Completely rewritten the old Task Manager;
* Fix bugs duel "Player vs. Player";
* Fix bugs duel "group against the Group";
* Cosmetics duel on offu;
+ Implemented "Underground Coliseum" on Fantasy Island;
* Cosmetics and optimization engine sieges;
* Time siege castles is now fixed, and the clan leader it is no longer able to indicate (offlayk);
* Small cosmetics AI monsters offu;
* Cosmetics GM-effects;
* Works on optimization;
* Small reflaktoring;
* Work on updating the engine's Event;
+ Implemented ships Innadril cruise line;
+ Implemented ships in the Gludin Runes and back;
* Cosmetics engine planes for offu;
* Fixed device Movement Norns;
* Fixed quest reward in His strength (thx Scorpius);
* Fixed quest in the right time in the right place;
+ Implemented exchange on Helios Helios blessing with CA;
* Fixed restore vitality points with zero number of points;
+ Missing dialogues;
* Cosmetics many NPC dialogues offu;
* Fix dialogues Assistants Instructors;
+ English dialogue for travel assistant;
* Fixes NPE;
* Fix "Comparison method violates its general contract!";
* Fixed skill Servitor Balance Life;
- Irrelevant configs;
* Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException;
* Fix working mass of skills for the summons;
* Skills 17000 17049-17057 18106 22398 22399 22414 22861 9407-9416
* Sint benira
* Skills 9528-9539.17085
* Fixed skill 30505
* Fixed quest 10753
+ Multisel 3010
* An item 39728 39729 37554
* Fixed the entrance to the prison in the castles;
* Fixed duration infusions Grizzlies;
+ Implemented exchange weapons R95 and R99 rank for Scrolls of Blessing;
* Fixed the ability Resistance Immortality Giant;
* Work on updating the guild members Travelers;
* Extra inputs at different instants.
* Fixes an item for bug reports
* Scorpius Synchronization
* Fix Germunkusa
+ Implementation effect cancellation penalty on the entrance to Hell's Island;
* Fixed quest Chasing farang;
* Fixed quest red string of fate;
* Updated quest beginning of a new destiny for Ertei;
* Fix ability Sacrificial Soul. Now summon to Target does not necessarily take;
* Fix rollback instances Carty;
+ Implemented i_refresh_instance effect to clear instances of rollback;
* Cosmetics for Isthiny offu;
* Fixed issue of Isthiny Crystal murder with extreme;
* Fixed display of running during the transformation;
+ Implementation of approximately 300 new stone processing appearance (thx.Scorpius);
* Updating the map under the current Chronicles (Reduced the number of waves / Added solo Map Thief of Life)
* Fixes NPE in a map
* Fixed AI NPCs wandering;
* Expanding the functionality of AI NPCs wandering;
* Offe is now no delay between dialogue with the NPC and traffic;
* Fix to card 90
* Fixed NPE in the 95-level map;
* Fix NPE when entering the game;
* Expanding handlers functional objects;
* Rewrote the handler summons shots;
* Updated the merchant mammon. Offe now another NPC;
* Updated at Luxor offu;
- Duplicate spawn;


Rev. 19180


* Global synchronization of other branches
+ Russian translation of blacksmiths dialogues;
* Work on the implementation of offlayk blacksmiths;
+ Missing multiselly;
* Edit ID multisellov under offs for conflict resolution;
* Downgrade English dialogues blacksmiths to Ertheia;
* Updated for offu English dialogue blacksmiths;
* Fixed some abnormal effects;
* Fix damage Absorb and transfer;
* Updated drop tinctures from monsters Ertheia. Now do not start dropping tinctures buffs (offlayk);
+ Added a drop infusions in Colonia Fey (offlayk);
* Implemented the ability to specify each item on the auction his bet;
* Slightly rewritten loot system. Reith Adena no longer affects the chance to drop Adena, but only on the amount;
+ Implemented the ability to specify the object ID required for auction CH;
* Fixed skill tree dual-class;
* Update crystallization system Ertheia;
* Updated the number of crystals in subjects on Ertei;
* Buffs coach no longer disappear when smerte (offlayk);
* Fix a friend invitation. Previously, in case of failure, each added anyway;
* Fix removal from friends;
* Fix a cube in the mixing artey. Previously, the amount was not considered smeshuemyh an item;
* In the Valley of the Dragons fall tincture (offlayk);
+ Implemented an item Abundance Gift Box (23841);
+ Implemented an item Abundance Gift Box (23842);
+ Implemented an item Abundance Gift Box (23843);
+ Implemented an item Abundance Gift Box (23844);
+ Implemented the ability to prescribe the skills to handle the stones;
* Fix stones change the appearance of masks;
* Fix assistant coaches on the English localization;
* Increase the chances of spawning monsters when attacking the post John;
* Location "Blazing Swamp" (Spavndropstaty) // Todo Craters
+ Implemented poles Ying in the Altar of Mimir;
* Fix immortality layering multiple effects simultaneously;
* Fixed invulnerability overlay multiple effects simultaneously;
* Othell Rogue is not a default inherits Fortune Seeker, and Adventurer;
* Fixed display of the basic attributes of the objects;
+ English translation of some of the dialogues;
+ Full implementation Anakim raid;
* Fix purchasing items through an item-Mall;
* Enhanced functionality ItemFunctions;
+ Full implementation of Lilith raid;
* Fix teleportation through the admin panel to the NPC. If the NPC does not spawn, then do not try to teleport to it;
* Engine Optimization spawn. If the monster does not spawn, then we do not try to initiate new NPCs to spawn later, after the death of its predecessor;
* Work on the implementation of Lilith raid;
- Excess;
+ English translation for NPCs Paddy Island of Dreams;
+ Implementation of the exchange shirts Paddy Island of Dreams;
* Updated on Smuggler Mammon Ertheia;
+ Implementation of Luck Box 1, Luck Box 2, Luck Box 3;
+ Implemented Stone Processing Samurai Helmet;
+ Implemented Stone Processing Costume Samurai;
+ Implemented Stone Processing cordance Anakim;
+ Implemented Stone Processing Jacket Vampire;
+ Implemented Stone Processing Pants Vampire;
+ Implemented Stone Processing Gloves Vampire;
+ Implemented Stone Processing Vampire Shine;
+ Implemented Stone Processing headdress Vampire;
+ Implemented Stone Processing Costume Dark Assassin;
+ Implemented good. Einhasad Scroll: Enchant T-shirt;
+ Implemented Ninja Outfit Appearance Stone Pack;
+ Implemented Traditional Taiwanese Costume Appearance Stone Pack;
+ Instant saved (extreme)
* Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException;
* Removing the shackles scrolls 36303 36302 36293 36298
* Fix pendants exchange
* Engine Optimization spawn monsters;
* Engine functional improvements spawn monsters;
* Fix Livianroz boxes;
+ Implementation packages with ornaments Livianroz;
- Life Stones with awards Event "Try your luck";
+ Spawn Astrologer Eve in Gludio;
* Offlayk list of awards in the event "game of luck";
* Offlayk implementation games "Try your luck";
* Possible fix Chain Heal type of skills;
+ Spawn Astrologer Yves and instructors;
* Altered effects i_m_attack i_p_attack and to be able to use them as well as the effects of tick;
* Fix PvP system;
* Fix dialogues Kx;
* Fixed several NPC dialogues;
* Work on the implementation of the Hellbound;
* Fix display NpcStringID names and titles of the NPC;
* Fixed the ability Tyrr Force (thx Scorpius.);
* Rasshiraem functional AI;
* Work on the implementation of the Hellbound;
* Repars spawn Hellbound. More correct;
* Fix 17 cubes (thx Scorpius.);
* Fixed registration of Event through kommuniti;
* Fix compilation;
* Fix augmentation through kommuniti;
* Fix the return of exiles zone Prison
- Doubles dialogue in the quest 470,485
+ Missing dialogs
* NPCs thong after the addition of the nucleus
* Offlayk implementation skills Aggression Attack;
+ Implemented DAMAGE_HATE_BONUS option to increase the hatred of the monster in the attack;
* Fix working baffera in kommuniti;
- Limit the speed of the attack;
* Fix visualization Box PvePvP insertion into heliosAydos. Added insertion of Elsium
* To access Bayoumi cloth is no longer required
Packs + 10707 10708
+ Quests 10712 10713 10714 10715 10716
* Fixed dialogue teleporter 32779
* Fixed spawn germunkusa on grace
* Fix display all regions in kommuniti region;
* Fix the control CH;
* Works on paketke;
- Unidentified an item with droplista;
* Fix working config to limit the participants in the competition from the same computer;
* Small configs cosmetics;
* If a monster attacks a monster under the effect of Madness (Discord), the monster does not attack back (Offlike);
* Damage monster under the effect of Madness (Discord) monster counted as damage caused to those who put the effect (offlike);
* Cosmetic effect Madness (Discord) on offu;
* Fixes for epic jewelery
* Fixes for skills 10008 10009 10010 10011 10012 10026 10027 10258 10539 10546 10549 10776 11059 11769 11777 11780 531
* Fix a treasure hunt in the bag
* Do not show a message on the successful completion of the debuff on the target (offlayk);
* If unsuccessful passing mass debuff, write a failure message for each goal (offlayk);
* Small cosmetics "fatal blow" skills;


Rev. 18521


* Global synchronization of other branches
+ Added logging when buying items in an item-mall;
* Fix Dupa items through an item mall; (Critical)
* Cosmetics dialogues managers residences;
+ Russian translation of the dialogue control fortresses;
* When Buffy did not close the dialog box in the BCH;
* Fix copyright in kommuniti;
+ Offlayk implementation of mapping skills activity due to the shortage in the presence of MP buffs rollback abilities;
* Fix target with summons in skills;
* Fix check the distance from TARGET_SERVITORS, TARGET_SUMMONS skills;
* Fixed lethal injection
* Fixed animation RB Katargon suite
* Fix the skill structure 10001 10060 // TODO Need a new effect
* Fixed skill 11059, 11760, 279
* Opening of wonderful shots
+ 781 782 Quests
* Fix rewards in quests 10748 10749
* Skills for new books at the festival
* Fixes to bypass (typo in the service)
* Fix time zone klanholov
* Bag treasure hunt
+ Quest 10464
* Fixed doors in paganke
* Monsters no longer think when players attack another player, they treated each other;
+ Spawn Lionel Hunter in Heine;
* Fixes NPE
+ Each card moved to separate instant.
* Rewrote the entire map. au mechanisms waves and so on. Just the added opportunity through configuration to exhibit with a wave of novice card.
* Fixed display of personal messages when selling package;
* Fix Aggra monsters while moving the player;
+ Implemented configuration to limit modifier reytirovannoy rewards in quests;
* Delivers the loss experience in the configs penalties;
* Cosmetic display Reith in the admin;
+ Implemented configs to Aden, Drop, Spoil tiered;
* Fixed quest Cetrification of Fate;
* Fix Quest Supplier of Reagents;
* Fixed quest Four Goblets;
* Fixed quest A Game of Cards;
* Fixed quest Seductive Whispers;
* Fixed quest Stolen Dignity;
* Cosmetics links in scripts;
* Fix NPE;
* Fix Review summons when picked cursed weapon;
+ Dialogues Atrologa IV;
* Fix monsters in Hellbound (thx ScreamPassion.);
* Fix the formula nipple impact on the 'blow' skills;
* Fix damage at all "fatal blow" skills;
* Fixed pet attacks. Now, do not attack the peaceful purpose without Ctrl;
* Fixed loss Adena seeded with a monster (thx Evil_Dnk.);
* Fix the motion processor. Now the position coordinates of the character more in sync between 2 players;
* Fix action with large (wide) NPC;
* Fixed issue of reward for raising the level. No reward is now impossible to get a double when deleveling;
* Cosmetics inviz system;
* Fix bug on the bypass;
* Fix range auras degeneration (thx ScreamPassion.);
* Edit exchanger Fragments Tauti by Offa. It takes not one piece, and 10 (thx ScreamPassion.);
- Unnecessary RB in Ketra (thx ScreamPassion.);
* Offlayk coordinates in Scroll of Escape: Forest of the Dead (thx ScreamPassion.);
* When using the skill stream of water, the effect on the target Stamp Storm subsides (thx ScreamPassion.);
* Offlayk ExUserInfoEquipSlot implementation of the package;
* Fixed quest 1yu profession;
* Fixes Water Ice Strike Flash Storm Rage Storm Grip
* Cosmetics;
- Removed spawn NPC 'Rupert' (thx ScreamPassion.);
* Requiem Retributer - has type BIGBLUNT (thx ScreamPassion.);
* Fix teleports in kommuniti (thx ScreamPassion.);
* Fix Alisha Merchant (thx ScreamPassion.);
+ Dialog for device Perescheniya in Norn (thx ScreamPassion.);
+ Russian translation of the quest A Whole New Level of Alchemy (thx ScreamPassion.);
+ Implemented away system;
* Proper display of the name and the title character;
* When trading do not hide the title (offlayk);
* Fix sharpening bonuses. Armor given to the CCA;
* Reconciliation of Exp and SP for all quests
* Offlayk sending messages with the failure of passing the physical skills;


Rev. 18168


* Global synchronization fixes to other chronicles
* Fix the formula nat. damage;
* Fix the formula chance nat. and magician. slip;
* Cosmetics reports of the attack on offu (order, pop-up information on reflection, slip, etc.);
* Offe does not write a message on the bonus experience for the fatal blow;
* Fix reset animation caster skills using tugl-skills;
* Fixed a small skill 11260 // TODO need a parameter which will put a different meaning to PVP and PVE
* Charging implemented talismanov.perepravleny stats mascots. (Talisman - Abundance)
* Fixed skills such as aggression. Agrīts social standing and nearby monsters (offlayk);
* Fix KX Manager;
* Cosmetics Manager KH;
* Ship Cosmetics;
+ New abnormal type;
* Offlayk raspredilenie drop between killers: take into account the total damage to the party on the monster in the distribution of loot;
* Fix cancel tugl effect when unsatisfying conditions;
* Cosmetics skills Leisure (Relax) by offu;
- Excess;
* Cosmetics AI monsters closer to Offa;
* Fix monsters magicians. Previously cast without interruption. They made closer to Offa;
* Cosmetics World chat;
* Fix working world chat;
* Fix reyuza instance Lindviora (every 11 days);
* Fix reyuza instance Trask (every 14 days);
* Fix Dupa Adena. Critical !!;
* Fix ability (11569) Critical Damage Increase (thx wall.);
* Fix the tree of skills inherited after degeneration (thx wall.);
* Fix viewer drop by Shift + Click;
* Fixes NPE;
* Cosmetics dialogues with NPCs. When you click on links NPCs will not talk (offlayk);
- Rollback. In Ertheia impossible to improve the skills of the profession 2 and 3;
* Fix double-drop with Lindviora
* Price Fixing in Mammon (Apparently Spars valuable tax immediately)
* Fix sharpening skills 3e profnyh
* Fix working GMshopa;
* Fix working nipple;
* Cosmetics NPC dialogues;
* Updated the NPC Dhaka and its services
* Fixed spawn 26081
* Fixes active skill augmentation old.
* Fixes skills 13520 13521 1416
* Do not TPshim the player with the Olympics cursed weapon;
+ Drop Rune Stone;
* Protection and Melody Melody Battle replace each other;
+ Returned old game events;
* Works on optimization;
* Formatting's Event;
* Cosmetics default NPC dialogues;
- Event Coffer of Shadows because of irrelevance to update Ertheia and above;
* Fix cancel clan war. If you cancel subtract clan reputation of the clan, which repeals, not vice versa;
* Skill 11030
* Fix the use of evidence of courage
* Fix fishing skills;
+ Implemented return equipment for Coins Iron Gate;
* Fixed quest 10426
* Fix the fracture energy production. You can not get more than 2 units a day;
* Fix extraction Mark of Traveler - Will. You can not get more pieces in the 1st day;
* Works on optimization;
- Irrelevance of mechanics;
- Removed the services of the seven seals Pushkin due to irrelevance in the chronicles of the year;
* Sharpening Stones 36008 36009
* Fixed an item 21212 22910 22912 22915 22916 22947 22949 22955 22958 22966 22967 22968 22969 22970 22971 22972 22973 22974 22975 22976 22977 22978 22979 23083 23084 23086 23087 23088 23089 23090 23091 23092 23341 24384 24385 24386 24387 24388 24389 24390 24391 24392 24393 24394 24395 24396 24397 24398 24399
* Fixed skills 35 84 94 10327 1168 11537 11546 11559 11580 11587 11603 11850 1508 21233 22189 22215 22625 22712 30009 30501 30508 30515 30516 and others.
* Global optimization work
+ The beginning of works on the script engine optimization;
* Tyurmy Cosmetics close to Offa;
* Fix custom messages;
* Fix Octavis;
* Fix groups Octavis gap in the dungeon in which the rollback is not put dungeon
* Fixed skill Dissolve 11770
* Fixed quest 758
* Fixed skill 30009
* Fix experience Octavis
* Fix fine on the dissolution of the clan (not working);
* Improved configuration at the time of removal klanaizmenenie leader. Now, you can not specify how many days will be changed, and what day (offlayk - Tuesday);
* Fixed quest 10339
+ Added config to indicate how many days after the filing of the application to remove, and modify clan leader;
* Optimize cache dialogues;
* Fix the coding of some dialogues;
* Cosmetics for offu clan system;
* Betting System Iron coins beginners assistant.
* Fixes multiselok 770771772
* An item 38600 38601
* Fixed skill 10780 debuff duration of 10 seconds
* Fixed skill 11770
* Skill 18050 and an item to it 39720
* Fixed skill 30008. Hyde can not be dispelled when selfbafe
* Fix caching dialogues in different languages;
* Fixed display of progress onion recharge;
* Fix drop from RB;
* Fixed a delay between animations attack the attack itself;
* Fix display MT at craft;
* Fix display a message when receiving experience with monsters;
* Cosmetics;
* Offlayk payment of bonuses Reiten (Vitality, Rune);
* The number of MPs residences managers Offe inflated about 50 times from the base;
* Cosmetics engine quests;
* Updated to drop by Valakas offu;
* Fix-winning quests (thx Scorpius.);
+ Implementation of many bags with things (thx Scorpius.);
+ Has registered crystals Agathions sign;
* Duel can be thrown up to 250 rostoyanii instead of 1200;
* When a character attacks aim vnedueli, the duel will be canceled automatically;
* If the person runs away from a duelist on rasstoiyanii 1200 and more, the duel is canceled;
* If the character is teleported - it will automatically give up;
* During a duel, you can teleport;
* Fix NPE;
* Fix when personazhsammon ran up to the target and does not attack the first time;
* Fix the magician NG nipple gave privku damage as Bless, that is not correct;
* If you attack a monster is no longer trying to escape a monster;
* When talking to NPCs, do not try to flee to the NPS;
* If a character casts and tries odetsnyat thing, after casting thing odenetsyasnimetsya (offlayk);
* Do not cancel the effects caused by taking damage if the damage has been done is the same (offlayk);
* When the effect of the death summon Share Pain is not canceled (offlayk);
* Updated Libraries are;
* Small code optimization;
* Updated the party search system is fully on offu;
+ Added missing generals skills;
* Cosmetics AI player closer to offu. Even if the target can not be attacked, then the character will run up to first, and then receive a message about the impossibility of an attack (offlayk);
* A small search party for cosmetics offu;
* Cosmetics AI summon closer to offu. Even if the target can not be attacked, then summon you first run up, and then get a message about the impossibility of an attack (offlayk);
* Updated mechanic skill tree. Take subclass skills rebirth of available skills in rebirth;
* Fixed quest 762 Anxious order
* Fix quest 10737 Warehouse Borin
* Fixed skill 11770
* Delivers the profession artey to rebirth in a separate instant.
+ Instant and AI
* Fix dealing damage if dropped from a height;
+ Support for Vietnamese for Vietnamese customers;
* Fix rejoining the instance to laythard version Octavis and Isthiny;
* Fixed quest to third profession in the English localization;
* Fix use rechargeable skills;
* Formula chance nat. and magician. slip on offu;
* Shoot down caste nat. skill Offe impossible;
* When utopanii when sitting, it automatically rises (offlayk);
* Fixes issue of commander of Tyre skills: Lightning Storm, Provoke;
* Fixed quest to third profession in the English localization;
* Fix Tasca regen. Getting regenerate after 3 seconds after taking damage, but not immediately. Otherwise the character is in the water become unsinkable;
* Fixed quest to third profession in the English localization;
* Fixed quest on 10327 ordered separately instant.
* Fixed skill 222 Fury Fists
* Fixed quest 10420
* Minor fixes;
* With sown monsters may start dropping Herby;
* It is impossible to follow the invisible goal;
* Recheck Offe civilians when attacking NPCs are in a fighting stance;
- Excess check;


Rev. 17460


+ For clients without bindings are now available for the system proxy (for connecting multiple IP Proxy antiddos protection)

* Fix churning effects Player (slip, etc.);
* Fix sweep;
- Extra configuration;
* Fixed search group. It messed up the name of the group leader's name;
+ Blanks for bot-report;
* Fix passive skills monsters to gain in offu;
* Fix for running charom summons, players;
* Fix the attack monsters, raise the drop. Now the character runs and hits, but does not stop;
* Fixed display of the party group information;
* Fixed display of swimming speed;
* Offlayk fines experience the difference in levels of the party;
* When you turn on Auto shot, take the name of an item to the client rather than the server;
+ Added config to disable the chat world;
* Fixed display of the information about the interlocutor with private chat;
+ New configs;
* Fix NPE;
* Cosmetics for offline service;
+ Implemented handler for an item that allows you to go offline trade;
+ The possibility of using the old server login;
+ Implemented the ability to specify the effect of sitting in the offline trade;
(.) * If you are disabled through the custom command, then you can write in chat with from the point;
* Fix display server status with the fall of the game server;
* Optimized the drop system;
* Changed the algorithm for calculating the chance to drop in view of factors
* Customers with a binding can not be beyond the 1st external IP;
* If the host is configured to 2 or more of the same server_id, we deduce about the message;
* Rewrote the game server authentication to the login server. Game server can now have one or more external or internal IP, server ID, ports, etc .;
+ Quest 763
* ID Tree of Life skills handed down in datapak;
+ Added ability to specify Sammon flags targetable and show_name;
* Fix cancellation effects that should override when damaged;
- A small pullback on an item. Removed extra flags;
* Fixes for an item and skill
* Fixed a small tree of skills;
* Fix Quick Fire sharpening skills;
* You can not enter the academy, if the character has already received a rebirth in any of the sub-classes;
+ Implemented ON_KILL type flip-flops;
* Cosmetics skill by Offa. Wondrous Slaughter Dye is now at every murder an enemy increases the effect;
* Fix map Chests (thx Scorpius);
* Fix PA sharpening weapons;
+ Implemented an item Expand Inventory Lv. 1 (22900);
+ Implemented an item Expand Inventory Lv. 2 (22901);
+ Implemented an item Spellbook: Expand Warehouse Lv. 1 (22902);
+ Implemented an item Spellbook: Expand Warehouse Lv. 2 (22903);
* Quest Cosmetics "Continue training" for offu;
* Fix pvp system. If it is disabled, you do not give a reward;
* Older kommintu;
* Fix custom NPCs, assigning template_id;
* Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException;
* Fix to third Profiles artey
* Fixiki on Scroll: Increase Vitality
* Fix download geodata;
* Ability to Hydro Blast cast automatically after 1st use;
+ Implemented a new type VITALITY_USE skills;
- Once the quest Dialogues 10305
* Quest adjustment 10305
* Works on geodvizhku;
* Fixes for an item
* Fixes for skills
+ Implemented the ability to teleport GMs via Ctrl + Shift + Click on the map;
* Fixed skills 10508 10509 10510 10535 10542
+ New dialogues in quest 10462
- Old dialogues with Quest 10462
* Fixes the quest 10462
* Fixes for skills
+ Quest 10789
* Older kommintu;
* Fixed running arrows. Now, when a character rests on the wall, he does not run into it, and stops;
* Fully optimized geodvizhok;
+ 770 771 Quests
* Rolled shop. changes apply only to the Odyssey
+ Quest 10767
* Added sharpening stones
* Fixes for quests Olympiad
* Store Manager Olympiad
* Fixed quest counter 10305
* Dialogs for NPSA 33977
* With zero damage a monster is not agritsya and its allies are (offlayk);
* Repeated degeneration do not learn skills automatically 4th profession;
* Works on paketke;
* Work on the AI ​​monsters. Now, if the character leaves the game, the monster loses him hate (aggression);
* Unstuck a fixed cast time;
- Outdated machinery;
* Fix NPe;
* Rewrote the quest to third profession
+ Added a separate controller dungeon 185
* Fixiki on spawn
* I / O Fix the ship / elevator. Now, the character does not stop;
* Fixed the AI ​​mobs;
* Cosmetics AI closer to Offa;
* Formatting the NPC;
* Attribute + PA skills for weapons
* Teleport to Harnack Rooney with 85 levels and rebirth
* Fixed dialogue in the quest
+ Multiselka Mammon replaced type KrovavyyTemny
* Dialogue Mammon
* Harmony Maga no longer replaces the Echo Verve (offlike);
* Fix the dressing arrows on the S80, S84, R95, R99 lukarbalet;
* Fix order packages parcel;
* SP limit imposed in the configuration;
* Fix NPE when disconnecting sieges;
* Fix vhodavyhoda with korablyalifta;
* When caste is no longer displayed the old strip casting progress;
+ Added missing spawn;
* Fix command / unstuck, when using a quick getaway;
* Absorption of vampirism skill works with no chance (offlayk);



Rev. 16815


* Fixed an invitation to the clan through a list of friends;
* Fixed error when searching the clan;
* Cosmetics;
* Guardians will no longer attack the monsters;
* Skill Portal Sihem (causing the portal to kotomu player can return by clicking on the skill 9373)
// TODO 9373 requires that the effect would be returned to the induced portal
* In inviz the GM display the appropriate effect;
* Updated for offu Guard. Now if they are attacking the peace, they do not attack;
* Wake up, fighting stance, etc. It is activated only when the damage is greater than 0;
* Peace NPCs are not in a fighting stance (offlayk);
* Fix kondishonov in skill maxLevel;
* Other cosmetics;
* Fix kritataki in the double CA in the district and P95 weapons
* Sink skills
* Fixed NPC Holly
* Fix automatic donning of arrows equipped with a bow;
* Fixed the quest "The Beast from the plains"
* Fix map on the second door
* Fixed quest 10337
* Fix for skills
- Hardcoding when searching for appropriate arrows for archery and crossbow;
* Works on paketke;
* Complete the quest for a double class, or buy it in the classroom can not be kommuniti inspector or arbitrator;
+ Implemented an item 23391, 23392 (XP Rune II (Lv 1-95) of 100%.);
* Recovery Melody longer zavmeschaet skill Pa'agrio's Fist;
* Corrected drop by Shift + Click. Now, regardless of droplista size character can view it without problems;
* Fix display drop by Shift + Click;
* Fix download drop;
* STR, CON, DEX, INT, WIT, MEN affect statte NPCs: monsters, pets, summons, etc .;
* Quest npsy
* Fixes for quests
* Branch quests Kekropus through splint
* Quest spawn
* Fixed an item quest
* Returned parameters sparsennye with the client;
* Fix the study of alchemy skills;
* Fixes for skills
* Fixes for an item
* Fixed quest soul to the sword
* Fix death-immune effects on competition as at 1 HP znachinii hung character;
* GM by Shift + click can view all the NPC, not only monsters;
* On the healing power of Gil buffs (eg Self-cleaning) do not affect razlychnye factors (nipples, etc.) (offlayk);
* Fix overlay Storm Sign skill on the target through the trigger;
* Fix ability to Storm Rage. It now has the effect of not air shackles and repulsion (offlayk);
* Player Commendation cheats can only whet the Player Commendation weapon;
* Fixed quest _10391_ASuspiciousHelper (thx Scorpius.);
* Fix expand the maximum number of saved teleport points (Book Mark);
* Fix sharpening buffs Despot Isa;
* Fix time buff Pipe Organ Frenzy;
+ Implemented sharpening skills Pipe Organ Frenzy;
+ Fully updated Shift + Click on Npc;
* Full details of the NPC is no longer available in the usual players;
* Updated .whoiam design team;
+ Drop for monsters in the Valley of the Dragons;
* GM will always see the full details of the NPC for Shift + Click, and can view the drop off at in the config;
* According to the standard when creating a Clan given level 0 instead of 1;
* When GM kills the monster through the command // kill, give experience and drop. It is necessary for the test;
* Spars and updated statte NPC with the last customer Ertheia;
* Fix SkillNameHolder;
* Code optimization, fewer flooding packets;
* Fix the death in a state of bondage of the air;
* Fixed a chance to count Cancela, earlier, by mistake, the caster level compared to the level of the caster, instead of comparing the level of the caster level goals;
* Sink with Odyssey
* Fix for nerve orcs
* Fix teleports in kommuniti;
* Updated the appearance of commands .whoiam;
* Rewrote names repository of skills and subjects;
* Fix the study skills through the forgotten books;
+ Missing Russian dialogues;
* Optimization of the skill tree;
+ Implementation of forgotten books;
* Cosmetics for offu use items with skills;
* Work on the make-engine skills;
* Work on the system offlayk Forgotten Books;
* Rewrote system study skills through the Forgotten Books on offu;
* Optimization;
* Subject when using the skill is not removed at the beginning of casting, and in the end (offlayk);
* Various fixes for skilamitemam
* A small fix in the map to check the teleport zone
* Fix learn skills in Deuelista Tyre;
+ Added the ability to specify the spawn in a circle and a rectangle;
* Fix sharpening skills;
+ Russian dialogues;
+ English translation of the dialogues;
* Fix GM packets to display the character information;



Rev. 16381


* Full synchronization with Lindviorom (see. Fixes in the relevant section)
* Optimization for Reith include a cash character;
* Fix download tattoo of the character;
* Fix display level interlocutor in the chat;
* Ukrainian language is not in accordance with ISO UA, and the UK;
+ Implemented multilanguage in bbs teleport;
* .cfg Command Cosmetics;
* All parameters NPCs are fully synchronized with the official server;
* Update statte NPCs with PTS scripts;
* Fix download server;
* The final fix next target;
* Fix parsing loot;
- Gai_npc system removed;
* JUMEIRAH BEACH RESIDENCE keep gai_npc with npc;
* Sorting options in /npc/*.xml;
* Prepare to gai_npc obedeneniya with npc;
* Skill 10092-10093
* An item gain Fame
* Cosmetics store skill tree;
+ The implementation of all new RB to upgrade Raiders of the lost ark (thx Scorpius.);
* For proper implementation of the new colors;
+ Implemented system premiumnyh tattuirovok;
* New paint + skills to them
* The release of an item from a list of some of 23825-23846 and others.
* Fix update request;
+ The new package;
+ Implemented a system of temporary Tattoo;
* Cosmetics for Tattu system;
* Completely rewritten Tattu system;
* Added the ability to attack certain critical skills Artey;
- The extra skills to the skill tree ertey;
+ Implemented skill Warped Space;
* Fixed skill (10306) Superior Polearm Mastery;
* Fixed skill (10315) Superior Polearm Mastery;
+ The beginning of the system of temporary tattoos;
+ Implemented an item: La Vie En Rose's Ruby Chest (thx Scorpius);
+ Implemented an item: La Vie En Rose's Sapphire Chest (thx Scorpius);
+ Implemented an item: La Vie En Rose's Topaz Chest (thx Scorpius);
+ Implemented an item: La Vie En Rose's Opal Chest (thx Scorpius);
+ Implemented an item: La Vie En Rose's Obsidian Chest (thx Scorpius);
+ Implemented an item: La Vie En Rose's Diamond Chest (thx Scorpius);
+ Implemented an item: La Vie En Rose's Emerald Chest (thx Scorpius);
+ Implemented an item: La Vie En Rose's Aquamarine Chest (thx Scorpius);
+ Implemented an item: La Vie En Rose's Pearl Chest (thx Scorpius);
+ Implemented an item: La Vie En Rose's Jewelry Box (thx Scorpius);
+ Implemented an item: Alien Nano Supplement (thx Scorpius);
+ Implementation of an item to reduce PKKarmy
* Opening of the remaining items of the Fated Support Box
* Supplements for skills
* Adjustment of temporary item is 1-90 days.
* Corrects an item slots
* Corrections in skills
* Start of the Fated Support Box


Rev. 15894


* Perform a full synchronization with the other branches of the YEAR
* Fix edits for instance;
* Sniper Eura can learn ur 5.6. Divine Inspiration without a book;
* Fix in inctantah map type Fortune Isthiny Octavis and so on, roll back these dungeons is made only after the successful completion of at Feil Insta rollback is not put. Just put rollback ALL who were in the group at the time of entry into the instant, no matter who came out of the game or the fall of the dungeon.
* Fixes some skills.
* Fixed skill 30004 Hydro Strike
* Fixed skill 11152 Sacrificial Soul
+ Added AI and spawn NPSA Arcadio
* Corrected Crown academics
* Rewrote the quest "Come to Me" (to be held not with a mentor from the sponsor)
* Itemysnadobya new treatment.
* Implementation of various talismans R
* Fixes in the condition of new dressing gowns
* New Talismans SemeniSem Seals
* New items Olympics
* Correction dungeons map.
+ Added quest 10766 10798 10799 10800 786 787
* Perezaselil location "Wall of Argos"
* Section in the Valley of the Dragons spawn on dennoch. Clean.
* Cosmetics in some quests
* Added teleporter in the Far East ports.
+ Added quest 10792 10793 10794 10795 10796 10797 785
* Add spawn in the "Forest of the Dead"
* Adjustment of conditions starting in some quests.
* Adjustment dialog
+ Added quest 10779 10780 10781 10782 10783 10784 10785 10786 10787
* Add spawn in the field of battle, Forgotten Plains.
+ Dialogues have npsov to spawn the battlefield, Forgotten Plains.
* Cosmetics certain quests.
+ Added quest 10769 10770 10771 10772 10774 10775 10776 10777
* Cosmetics in some quests
* Add spawn in Cruma Tower
* Correction teleporters in Cruma Tower
+ Added quests 10760, 10761, 10762, 10763, 10764
* Amended spawn in locations Orc
+ Added AI Orcs
+ Skill Shooting for mob 20497 Phoenix
+ Packs 10743, 10746, 10755, 10756, 10757, 10758
* Corrected spawn in Windy Hill
* Corrected mobs in the Windy Hill
+ AI for Moba 23417
+ Added quest 10743 Strange Fungus
* Cosmetics in quest 10753
* formatting
* Instant for a third profession Artey
* Adjustments for skills
+ Implemented quest to 3rd Liberation Artey;
* Correction skills 1982 1983 1984
+ Implemented buying dual class by ARTE kommuniti;
* Artei can not activate a sub-class through kommuniti;
* Korrektirovkachistka trash in the quest 10325
* Adjustment Quest 10301 (taken using RadyLada's Letter Letters)
* IspravlenieKorrektirovka quests 10322, 10323, 10742.


Rev. 15580


* Sync to work with Lindvior and HF
* Work on the quest to third Exemption Artey;
+ Implemented mini-game in the quest to release third artey;
+ Implemented QuestItemsWithLog system for quests;
Created Power Scroll
Created Power scroll skill
Fixed Elixir R grade power (a percentage, not a value)

Elixir of Life (R-grade) : Recovers 1/4 of the maximum HP (25%).
Elixir of Mind (R-Grade): Recovers 1/10 of the maximum MP (10%).
Elixir of CP (R-Grade): Recovers 1/4 of the maximum CP (25%).

Superior Elixir of Life (R-grade) : Recovers 30% of the maximum HP.
Superior Elixir of Mind (R-Grade): Recovers 15% of the maximum MP.
Superior Elixir of CP (R-Grade): Recovers 30% of the maximum CP.

High-grade Elixir of Life (R-grade) : Recovers 35% of the maximum HP.
High-grade Elixir of Mind (R-Grade): Recovers 20% of the maximum MP.
High-grade Elixir of CP (R-Grade): Recovers 35% of the maximum CP.

Super Elixir : Restores HP/CP/MP (combined effect of the 3 High-grade Elixir).
- High-grade/Super Elixir power retail verified, Superior guessed (set in between, no brainer) -

Added back 2012 World Olympiad Hero's hats (sync from Lindvior)
Added 2014 World Olympiad Hero's and Semifinalist Hats.

Fix for
Added items to Reputation Manager, retail like.
Changed dialog to retail like.

not made: the fact that the decrease pk count cost 50,000 instead of 5,000 (only dialog made)
the fact the Clan reputation points is increase by 10,000 instead of 1,000 (only dialog made).
because I don't know where that is.

Cat staff fix for appearance.
* Фикс талисманов: Talisman - Conquerer, Talisman - Outlaw, Talisman - Slaughterer, Talisman - Hunter, Talisman - Abundance;

Following zodiac agathion skills added:
Scale of life skill added
Rocky Camouflage skill added
Mad Cow Skill added
Maiden's Prayer added
Bountiful Resurrection skill added
Scorpion's mass exile skill added
Mass Binding Flood skill added
Slippery Scale skill added
Archer's Call skill added
Exoskeletal Shield skill added
Dark Assasin's Move skill added

+ The beginning of the quest: (10753) Winds Of Fate: Choices (3rd Liberation Artey);
+ Implemented item is: (23769) Superior Stone: Enchant Weapon (D);
+ Implemented item is: (23770) Superior Stone: Enchant Weapon (C);
+ Implemented item is: (23771) Superior Stone: Enchant Weapon (B);
+ Implemented item is: (23772) Superior Stone: Enchant Weapon (A);
+ Implemented item is: (23773) Superior Stone: Enchant Weapon (S);
+ Implemented item is: (23774) Superior Stone: Enchant Weapon (R);
+ Implemented item is: (23775) Superior Stone: Enchant Armor (D);
+ Implemented item is: (23776) Superior Stone: Enchant Armor (C);
+ Implemented item is: (23777) Superior Stone: Enchant Armor (B);
+ Implemented item is: (23778) Superior Stone: Enchant Armor (A);
+ Implemented item is: (23779) Superior Stone: Enchant Armor (S);
+ Implemented item is: (23780) Superior Stone: Enchant Armor (R);
+ Implemented item is: (23781) Stone Giants: Enchant Weapon (R);
+ Implemented item is: (23782) Stone Giants: Enchant Armor (R);
+ Implemented item is: (23783) is good. Stone Giants: Enchant Weapon (R);
+ Implemented item is: (23784) is good. Stone Giants: Enchant Armor (R);
+ Implemented item is: (23785) Lesser Giant Stone: Enchant Weapon (R);
+ Implemented item is: (23786) Lesser Giant Stone: Enchant Armor (R);
+ Implemented item is: (23787) is good. Stone: Enchant Weapon (D);
+ Implemented item is: (23788) is good. Stone: Enchant Weapon (C);
+ Implemented item is: (23789) is good. Stone: Enchant Weapon (B);
+ Implemented item is: (23790) is good. Stone: Enchant Weapon (A);
+ Implemented item is: (23791) is good. Stone: Enchant Weapon (S);
+ Implemented item is: (23792) is good. Stone: Enchant Weapon (R);
+ Implemented item is: (23793) is good. Stone: Enchant Armor (D);
+ Implemented item is: (23794) is good. Stone: Enchant Armor (C);
+ Implemented item is: (23795) is good. Stone: Enchant Armor (B);
+ Implemented item is: (23796) is good. Stone: Enchant Armor (A);
+ Implemented item is: (23797) is good. Stone: Enchant Armor (S);
+ Implemented item is: (23798) is good. Stone: Enchant Armor (R);

+ Implemented some 120+ Chests production;
* Fix time in the buff skills: Guts, Frenzy;
+ Implementation of skills for Abundance Gift Box object (thx Scorpius);
- Cleaning the skills of unnecessary parameters;

+ Implemented item is: (23833) Talisman - Abundance (War) (thx Scorpius);
+ Implemented item is: (23834) Talisman - Abundance (Tactics) (thx Scorpius);
+ Implemented item is: (23835) Talisman - Abundance (Morale) (thx Scorpius);
+ Implemented item is: (23836) Talisman - Abundance (Physique) (thx Scorpius);
+ Implemented item is: (23837) Talisman - Hunter (Abundance) (thx Scorpius);
+ Implemented item is: (23838) Talisman - Slaughterer (Abundance) (thx Scorpius);
+ Implemented item is: (23839) Talisman - Conquerer (Abundance) (thx Scorpius);
+ Implemented item is: (23840) Talisman - Outlaw (Abundance) (thx Scorpius);

* Fix paketki;

* Made the Healing Potion of Chaos.
* Made the following Hats (linked skill):

added dimensinal bracelets all skills and bonuses
added following items / 39700-39799.xml

all zodia agathions, with passive skills, summoning skills and first 3 actives skills added, perfectly functional,
all 12 levels functional, all npc asigned correctly
all skills assigned as should, level deendend,

+ Implemented subject: Aria's Bracelet: CON (38565);
+ Implemented subject: Aria's Bracelet: MEN (38566);
+ Implemented subject: Aria's Bracelet: DEX (38567);
+ Implemented subject: Aria's Bracelet: WIT (38568);
+ Implemented subject: Aria's Bracelet: STR (38569);
+ Implemented subject: Aria's Bracelet: INT (38570);
+ Implemented the ability to: Einhasad's Protection (13564);
+ Implemented the ability to: Einhasad's Silence (13565);
+ Implemented the ability to: Einhasad's Salvation (13566);
+ Implemented the ability to: Aria's Bracelet: CON (13584);
+ Implemented the ability to: Aria's Bracelet: MEN (13585);
+ Implemented the ability to: Aria's Bracelet: DEX (13586);
+ Implemented the ability to: Aria's Bracelet: WIT (13587);
+ Implemented the ability to: Aria's Bracelet: STR (13588);
+ Implemented the ability to: Aria's Bracelet: INT (13589);

* In ertei at raising the level of a member of the Academy also brings clan reputation points;
* In the preparation of Ertheia level 85+ also offers reputation level 5 clan and above;


Rev. 15245


+ Added the ability to use Smart-Guard protection (only for customers L2-scripts, the ball is not supported)
* Full synchronization fixes from lindviora.
* UPDATE for critical fix (jewels mDef)
+ Internal ussage for Events engine, do not edit or remove! the DP part is in tools / not loading by default.
+ Internal ussage file for arabic chat implements, do not edit or remove!
* Fix Jewels mDef stats did not work.
+ Bunch of configs for everything.
* Fix paketki;
+ Implementation of the Altar work Spirits (thx Scorpius);
* Increased storage of other objects up to 6000;
* Updated beauty salon Ertheia;
* Fixed display of prices in the beauty salon;
* Fixed restore appearance in a beauty salon;
* Fixed skills: have begun to use the stats and receive_p_damage_power receive_m_damage_power;
+ Implemented an item: Adenian Tattoo: Wings (23724);
+ Implemented an item: Adenian Tattoo: Tribal (23725);
+ Implemented an item: Adenian Tattoo: Evil (23726);
+ Implemented an item: Samurai Outfit (23879);
+ Implemented an item: Anakim Outfit (23881);
+ Implemented an item: Vampire Top (23883);
+ Implemented an item: Vampire Pants (23884);
+ Implemented an item: Vampire Gloves (23885);
+ Implemented an item: Vampire Shoes (23886);
+ Implemented an item: Dark Assassin Suit (24364);
+ Implemented an item: Halloween Outfit (26255);
+ Implemented an item: Tiat's Belt (38591);
+ Implemented an item: Ekimus' Belt (38592);
+ Implemented an item: Formal Wear (39379);
+ Implemented an item: NC Dinos Uniform (39380);
+ Implemented an item: Irene's Brooch (39710);
* Fixed skill: Player Commendation - Art of Seduction (17290) - gave extra statte;
+ Implemented an item: Scroll: Enchant Elemental Shirt (25792);
+ Implemented an item: Blessed Scroll: Enchant Elemental Shirt (25793);
- Cleaning an item from lischnih parameters;
+ Implemented an item: Shiny Elemental Shirt and sharpening all bonuses for it (37718);
+ Implemented an item: Talisman - Wind: P. Critical Damage (39568);
+ Implemented an item: Talisman - Wind: M. Critical Damage (39569);
+ Implemented an item: Talisman - Wind: Defense (39570);
+ Implemented an item: Talisman - Wind: Debuff Resistance (39571);
+ Implemented an item: Talisman - Insanity (39572);
+ Added spawn in the Valley of the Dragons;
+ HWID for smartguard
+ Implemented location Lost Hill (Hellbound);
* Works on paketke: Fully exploded NpcInfo. Now the NPC will be fully displayed correctly;
* Implementation of skills Noble (thx Scorpius.);
* Fix ability Talisman - Seven Signs (thx Scorpius);
+ Implemented skill Hurricane Shackle (thx Scorpius);
+ Implemented the ability Gravity Exile (thx Scorpius);
+ Implemented sharpening skills Last Attack;
+ Implemented Skill Last Attack on offu now monsters reserves 1HP;
+ Implemented item Talisman - Lilith;
+ Implemented item Talisman - Anakim;
+ Implemented item Talisman - Seven Signs;
* Works on paketke;
* Fixed job flying ship;
* Fixed teleport to chaos Festival Aerial Cleft;
* Fix to teleport in TvT Aerial Cleft;
* Implemented the 2nd level of skill Empowering Echo;
+ Implemented item Recipe: R (100%);
+ Implemented item Recipe: R95 (100%);
+ Implemented item Recipe: R99 (100%);
+ Implemented 23-31 levels skill Triple Sonic Slash;
* Triple Sonic Slash is no longer replaced by the skills of rebirth;
+ Implemented 2-5 Skill Level Critical Wound;
* Critical Wound no longer replaced by the skills of rebirth;
+ Implemented skill Critical Prowess;
* Skill Battle Ditty and Frezied Battle Ditty replace each other;
* Skill Protective Ditty and Frezied Protective Ditty replace each other;


Rev. 14870


* Full synchronization fixes from lindviora.
* Ability Song of Silence is no longer replaced by the skills of rebirth;
* Ability Dance of Medusa is no longer replaced by the skills of rebirth;
* Fixed the ability Topaz - Shot Spirit now causes static damage;
* Fix changing scroll sharpening for sharpening the subject;
* Fix sharpening work items;
* Fix Pearls brooches. Now works option magician reduction. Crete. attack;
* Eva Sage can not learn skill Inquisitor (offlayk);
+ Implemented new KX in Florent;
~ All new RX Ertheia implemented;
+ Implemented new quantum chaos in Gludio;
+ Fully implemented the new KX in the city of Dion;
* Set the level of aggression from monsters in the Sea of ​​Spores;
+ RB in sea dispute;
* Update the RB and minions in the Sea of ​​Spores;
* Updated the monsters in the Sea of ​​Spores on Ertei;
* Updated spawn in the Sea of ​​Spores on Ertheia;
+ Preparations for the new KX Ertei in Gludio, Dion and Florent;
* Kamael Toper available sub-classes not only Kamael;
* Dark Elves can now take a sub-class of the classes of the Elves, and vice versa;
* Fix paketki;
+ Added to admin Ertheia class
* Updated the skill Freezing Flame to Ertheia;
* Fix drop in the transformation of the character;
* Updated the skill Lightning Shock to Ertheia;
+ Implemented skill master momentum.
* Messed up it was a place of Haight and damage due to this there was a problem with the distribution of x.
* Altered negative reputation system, today if one PC is to raise the reputation he can help pharma and just mobs of not less than 3 ex-levels of their own.
* Do not give any rewards or ECSR is a PC spell.
- Lost old karma, what was it outdated and not suited to these chronicles (and not logically receive 300k karma)
- Do not multiply by karma dureyshen penalty, there is no correct data back if there are right now! Nk liniarno counter * config.
- Do not get pvp or PC if participating in eventah.
- The old procedure.
+ Did skill Calibrated for Momentum master the skill. It acts only on charges of having skills.
+ Articles for skill pover momentum.
* Fixed skill by offu Step Left;
* Fixed skill by offu Step Right;
* Updated the skill Summon Reanimated Man on Ertheia;
* Updated the skill Summon Cursed Man on Ertheia;
* Thunder Storm is no longer replaced by the skill of the Giant Beat;
* Fixed skill Dual-Class in Artey;
* Edit kommintov old;
* Updated the skill Curse of Darkness on Ertheia;
* Fix Ricky (Npc)


Rev. 14583


* Full synchronization with fixed Lindviora (read about fixes lindvior)
+ Implemented mechanism Adena distribution (thx Erlandys);
* Fix stones
+ New Sharpening
+ Implemented of items 24368-24383; 33850-33861; 39381-39399; 39400-39414; 39421-39460; 39463-39465; 39471-39475.
* Upgrade drop isthiny.
* Fixed NPE in Au truth.
* Fixed NPE in resident manager (which is not the correct skill Set)
* Fixed quest third prof. Now some may take place without any problems.
* Fixed skills: 10094
+ Implemented skills: 11152; 11350-11357; 17909-17913; 26217-26219
* Skill spalation works vice versa on the basis of damage to the unit.
* If there is not a duel to gain vitality in any case.
* If the duel is not given by the ECSR.
* Fihi NPE in effect.
+ Added new Catalyst Catalyst in the list.
* Fix SP display the character;
* Fix the entrance to the game;
* Adjustment of the party under the bonus year.
+ Appearance_stones for ps points
+ 18 cubes added mana healing.
* Instance 171 is only 25min TIMEOUT.
* Fix / Implementation of items: 24352-24354; 34581-34594; 36094; 37359-37373; 37907-37915; 37919-37927
+ Price cloak of light and darkness (otherwise purchased)
* Fix npe have teredora.
* Fix in skill tree at 127 and ID 185
* Fix / Implementation skills: 35; 10094; 10308; 10322; 11150; 1375; 1376; 21366; 22991; 346; 30530.
* If the mob has a symbol, the agro every mob on the host.
* Max 5 mld JV will, changed everything Long, Long already in DB.
* Do not give the subject of a champion if the difference is more than 9-levels.
* Finish when Olympus <1 x the character (it was <= 1)
* Fixed the config DROP_ITEMS_ON_DIE
* Fixed client locked up after the chaos of the festival;
* Fix replacement buffs Battle Song, Song Movement, Relaxation Songs (and dancing, too);
+ Implemented a lot of items (thanks to Scorpius)
+ Implemented a lot of skills (thanks to Scorpius)
* NPC can not move repellent, shoot down and picks up skills /.
* Updated the skills Guts and Frenzy to Ertheia;
+ Implemented Karaphon monster for the quest The Secret Ingredient;
* Fix working defence_ignore_percent parameter;
* Fixed issue of Blessing of Chaos Arte after third release;
* Fix for skills Ertheia. (Thx Scorpius);
* Temporarily removed the fishing icon to its full implementation;
+ Returned spawn Iveyn;
* Fixed quest for the Second Liberation Artey magicians;
* Fix CC in Benoni. Now correctly teleports in Forest Winds;
+ Implementation of the event item (The Hunt For Santa Begins) (thx Scorpius);
* Works on paketke;
* Fix nexttarget team in the presence of summons;
* Fix compilation;
* Fix paketki;



Rev. 14244


* Full synchronization with all fixes Lindvior branches. (Read in lindviore)
+ Implemented doors in Den Valakas;
* Work on a fishing trip;
* Updated spawn in cities Artei;
* Updated exchanger NPC Lydia;
+ Implemented config ALCHEMY_MIX_CUBE_MODIFIER;
* Makeup tutorial on offu;
+ Implemented Quest (10752) Winds of Fate: A Promise (2nd Artey profession);
+ Preparations for a new system of Fish;
* Updated to Ekimusa Ertheia;
* Makeup tutorial on offu;
* Fix sharpening skills;
* Echo Verve and The Curse of Darkness is not replaced by new skillami;
* Fixed display icons on the nickname with the status klnovoy war, siege, etc .;
+ Implemented an item (40262) Faeron Support Box - Ertheia Fighter;
+ Implemented an item (40263) Faeron Support Box - Ertheia Wizard;
* Fixed quest Grakons Warehouse;
+ Implemented Quest (10744) StrongerThanSteel;
+ Implemented Quest (10745) The Secret Ingredients;
* Fix dialgov kommuniti;
+ Implemented Christmas event The Hunt for Santa Begins !;
+ Implemented alchemy (mixing);
* Summon pipe lying time decreased from 30 seconds to 15 seconds (offlayk);
* Fix download server;
* Fix inserting things when mixed (alchemy);
* Fix links in the power control unit to the siege of the fortress;


Rev. 14003


Full synchronization with fixed Lindviora.
* Fix dialogues;
* Fix package;
* Optimization of the transformation of alchemy. Now he is running hundreds of times faster;
+ Implemented alchemy system (Transformation);
The display of learning skill of alchemy;
+ The beginning of the alchemy system;
+ Implemented study of alchemy skills;
+ Implemented storage alchemy skills;
* Fix display komissionki;
+ Implemented Erte Runes Maphr;
+ Implemented skill Prevailing Song;
+ Implemented skill Daring Song;
+ Implemented skill Refreshing Song;
+ Implemented skill Prevailing Dance;
+ Implemented skill Daring Dance;
+ Implemented skill Refreshing Dance;
+ Implemented skill Song of Protection;
+ Implemented skill Battle Rhapsody Dance;
* Fix receiving more than one dual-class Erte;
* Fix new quests;
+ Instances for new quests;
+ Implemented Quest A Foreigm Land;
+ Implemented quest The Test For Survival;
+ Implemented Quest Do or Die;
+ Implemented Quest A Special Power;
+ Implemented quest Grakons Warehouse;
+ Implemented Quest An Inner Beauty;
+ Implemented quest Supply And Demand;
+ Implemented quest Never Forget;
+ Implemented Quest A Draught For The Cold;
+ Implemented Quest A Furry Friend;
* Works on paketke;
* Fix display monsters of death;
+ Implemented skills:
- Summon Moving Portal;
- Instant Teleport;
- Summon Demonic Crucifix;
- Elemental Resistance;
- Limited Melee Weapon Resistance;
- Limited Ranged Weapon Resistance;
- Paladin's Frenzy;
- Riot Shield;
- Avenger's Frenzy;
- Shadow Slash;
- Mass Freezing Strike;
- Guardian's Frenzy;
- Templar's Frenzy;
- Dreadful Roar;
- Momentum Flash;
- Soul Berserker;
* Implemented a range of skill actions to TARGET_AURA type. Now when specifying behind_radius will be chosen goals behind the main goal in a specified radius;
* Fix display overdrive at the character (the information about the weight of objects);
* Fix display items in Trade;
* Fix paketki;
* Fix the work of private manufacture;
* Fix working Emerald stones;
* Fix working Topaz stones;
* Fixed job LUC CHA and paints;
* You can not take the sub-class to artey;
* Work on paketke;
* Completely dismantled UIPacket package;
* Fixed display of sharpening his armor effect;
* Fixed friezes if ABILITY skills;
* Fixed display of hats of other characters;
* Slightly updated AuthServer;
+ Implemented new paint LUC, CHA;
+ Added configs for Artey formulas for classes;
+ Fully implemented all the skills of all the precious stones brooches system;
Fully completed the additional effects of the nipple from the rubies and sapphires;
+ Implemented bonuses nipple from precious stones: rubies and sapphires;
* Fix some skills artey. (Thx Lineage2Media);
+ Added config LUC_BONUS_MODIFIER;
+ Preparations for the special effects of the nipple with precious stones;
* Fix the entrance to the game;
+ Implemented option LUC;
* Implemented drop pouch Treasure Hunt - Ur. 1 monsters when triggered luck (LUC);
+ Implemented setting the LUC, now it affects the chance of sharpening, and a chance to craft an item by the number of zaspoylenyh;
* Temporarily disable the ignore_defence_percent skills;
* Fixed display windows command channel;
* Updated the flags in an item on the last customer;
* Updated the prices of items on the last customer;
* Spars New Vipond with fresh client;
* Spars new etc-an item with a fresh client;
* Spars Armour with fresh new client;
* Fully updated with the latest recipes to the customer;
- Dialogues quests non-existent;
+ Tulsa;
- Extra quests;
- Remove non-existent NPC spawn;
* Updated some quests lists monsters;
- Removed quests non-existent;
- Shoe gai_npc NPCs from non-existent;
+ Spars new NPCs with fresh client;
- Remove non-existent NPC which is not present in the final customer;
* Spars statte skills with fresh client;
- Removed redundant skills, which no longer exists in the client;
* Updated the number of levels of skills by the last customer;
* Updated the names of skills;
* Spars skill icons from the last customer;
* Updated the list of names of abilities and items to Ertheia;
* Fix display differences monsters champions;
* Fix display buffs from goal, before showing 1 baffdebaff;
* Fix display at sharpening skills;
* Fix studying clan-squad skills;
* Works on paketke;
* Fix formulas ignoring shield and protection;
* Update paketku to 606 minutes;



Rev. 13617


+ Implemented skill Summon Protection Stone;
+ Implemented skill Arcane Protection;
+ Implemented skill in setting defefence_ignore_percent, which allows you to ignore a certain percentage of protection when using the skill;
+ Implemented skill Power Hammer Crush;
+ Implemented Battle Ditt;
+ Implemented Protective Ditty;
+ Implemented Frezied Battle Ditty;
+ Implemented Frenzied Protective Ditty;
+ Implemented Soul Ditty;
+ Implemented Dark Vampirism;
+ Implemented quest to 1yu Artey profession;
+ Added a separate configuration on the need for the quest to sub-class Artey;
+ Implemented an item: Navari's Support Box - Marauder;
+ Implemented an item: Navari's Support Box - Cloud Breaker;
+ Implemented monster Skeleton Warrior - Quest Monster;
+ Implemented monster Skeleton Archer - Quest Monster;
* Quest 1yu profession Artei other races can no longer take;
+ Added tutorial in the Notification of the need to pass on a quest 1yu Artey profession;
* Fixed skill Eminent Quick Recovery. HP now provides a level 4, previously given to the 1st;
+ Added spawn Skeleton Warrior - Quest Monster;
+ Added spawn Skeleton Archer - Quest Monster;
* When driving on Hellbound, if a character below level 99, then send it to Heine;
* Point spawn SEC Hellbound on Ertei;
Fully completed the on offu isledovanija Teorna;
* Work on the study at Teorna;
* Artei can also wear KrovavyyTemny Aydios;
* Fix compilation;
+ The beginning of the study researches have Teorna Refugees in the Village;
* Elikia's Letter is a quest item is;
* To study the dual-class skills now need to SP (offlike);
+ Implemented skills for research: the study began, awards - more than 2 times, award - more than 4 times, Reward - over 8 times, awards - more than 16 times, awards - more than 32 times, the success of research, the success of research, Research success, success Studies Research success, failure Research;
* Teorn spawn only at night;
+ Implemented jumping in the Village of Refugees;
+ Implemented spawn point on Hellbound;
+ Missing Teorna spawn in the Village of Refugees;
+ Implemented all NPCs in the village of refugees;
- Old spawn on Hellbound;
* Fix compilation;
* Fix download server;
* Quest Cosmetics "Elric Letter" by Offa;
+ Added spawn Elric in Heine;
+ Implemented a peaceful area in the village of refugees;
* Update on Hellbound Ertheia;
+ Implemented Quest "Elric Letter";
* Update on Hellbound Ertheia;
+ Implemented listener onTeleported;
- Cleaning;
- Lischny quest;
* Fix paketki;
* Fix some dialogues Ertheia;
* Updating the tutorial to Ertheia;
+ Added to study new skills Artey revelation;
+ Implemented class raincoats Artey;
+ Missing dialog box for sub-class of the master;
* Fix receiving dualklassa Warrior Tyre arteias;
* Classes arteias no one can take a sub-class, even the arteias;
* Fix the master class.
+ Implemented chests 3 Proff arteias;
* Fix receiving dual-class arteias;
+ Implementation of getting dualklassa ARTE;
* Works on tutorial on arteias;
* Edits sub-class ertei manager;
* Repars statte Vipond with the client;
* Repars statte etkitemov with the client;
* Repars statte armor with the client;
* Fix display abnormalov;
* Finish skill Faceoff 1 1 offu;
* Cosmetics for Faceoff skill offu;
+ Implemented skill 'Faceoff';
* Cosmetics skill trees for offu;
* Fix the mage skill tree arteias. Accidentally present arteias warrior skills;
+ When enchanted weapons are now given a bonus when using the nipple;
* Fixed display of an item;
+ Implemented Synthesis system objects;
* A small conversion of dialogues;
* Fixed display of the character of fines;
* DeathPenalty Cosmetics;
* Fix database names all the same default.
* Fixed error when loading (skills).
* Fix the skill tree of rebirth;
* Fix NPE;
* Updated links in Russian dialogue to ertei;
+ A utility for converting dialogues under erteyu;
* Updated links in the English dialogues to ertei;
* Fix package to display buffs on Olympus;
* Arteias can not take no subs but rebirth;

Full synchronization with the latest revision of Lindviora:

* DO NOT use in a peaceful area only harmful skills, but not all;
* Fix protection against attacks Scylla Giant Barrier;
+ Implemented the missing types of sharpening in Scylla Giant Barrier .... Etc.
See the latest revision Lindvior ...



Rev. 13241


* Full synchronization with Lindvior fixes. (See. Lindviora fixes)
* Fixed display of buffs to the party;
* Fix tutorial;
* Fix paketki;
* Fixed quest to dual-class Artey;
+ Implemented skill Absorb Wind;
+ Implemented skill Atelia Energy;
* Cosmetics;
+ Implemented on a dual quest for Artey class;
+ Preparations for the quest to dual-class Ertey;
* Fix tutorial on arteias;
* Updating the tutorial to ertei;
+ Added spawn cat Proff manager Benoni;
+ The beginning of the subclasses for ertei system;
* Spars icons for new skills;
+ Spars new skills with a fresh client Ertheia;
+ Spars price for the new item is;
* Spars new flags for an item;
+ Spars etcitems with new fresh client Ertheia;
* Many of the new skills required for the study Rune Stone (offlayk);
+ Implemented bonuses sharpening sets 7, 8;
* Making skill Back Step by offu;
* Fix GK dialogues;
* Fix display m.defa and m.ukloneniya;
* Unsaleable an item can not be set to private store and auction;
+ Implemented skill Back Step arteias warrior;
+ Implemented skill Spallation arteias warrior;
+ Added ability to specify the blocking action radius Demag;
+ Implemented skill Distortion arteias warrior;
+ Implemented DistortedSpace effect that gives a bonus attack back regardless of the placement of the character;
+ Implemented Skill Gravity Barrier arteias warrior;
+ Implemented skill Steel Mind Warrior arteias;
* Aura Protector is activated and dizaktiviruetsya not immediately, but after 5 seconds;
* Trees primary profession skill arteias were mixed;
+ Implemented statte to increase attacks nipples;
* The amount of SP rewards from NPCs in Ertei reduced 10 times;


Rev. 12820


* Fixed display of active cells talismans and gems brooch;
* Pars some NPCs nicknames;
* Sync Full synchronization and transfer developments LINDVIOR Final Part;
- Skills alchemy with ordinary skill tree;
* Fix stats recoder'a;
* Fix brooches;
* Fixed display of system messages, which featured the name of the skill;
+ Start of stones brooches;
* Works on paketke;
* Fixed an invitation to the alliance;
+ Implemented vklyuchenievyklyuchenie display of hats;
+ The display of armor sharpening effect;
* Temporarily always display the hats to the realization of their trip;
* All skill trees updated to Ertheia;
* Updated 3 skill trees Kamael professions;
* Updated 3 skill trees Dwarves professions;
* Updated 3 skill trees Orc professions;
* Updated 3 skill trees professions Dark Elves;
* Updated 3 skill trees Elves professions;
* Updated 3 skill trees professions Magi People;
* Updated the skill tree Hermit;
* Updated the skill trees arteias race;
* Updated the skill trees 2 Kamael professions;
* Updated the skill trees 2 Orc profession (except Hermit) and Dwarves;
* Updated the skill trees profecsy 2 Bright and Dark Elves;
* Updated the skill trees of all professions 1x;
* Updated trees profession skills 1.2 People Magi;
* Updated the skill trees all start profiles;
* Updated the skill trees 1, 2 professions People Warriors;
+ Spars etkitemy with new fresh client;
+ Implemented store for PC-Bang;
+ Spars New Vipond with fresh client;
+ Spars Armour with fresh new client;
* Updated all skill settings to Ertheia: hitTime, reuseDelay, coolTime, hpConsume, mpConsume, castRange;
* Updated the maximum levels of skill;
* Updated the names of skills;
* Work on the skill tree;
* Work on the inheritance tree of skills after degeneration (Sigil Knight, Warrior Tyre);
* Chests degeneration of the joint venture do not give more scrolls;
* Updated the skill trees 4 to Proff Epeisodion;
* Updated spawn in Giran to Ertei;
* Skills 2 and 3 profiles are now impossible to grind;
* Reduce drop Adena 10 times in geyskih NPC (offlayk);
+ The display of the wings near the nickname when studied ABILITY skill;
* Fixed an item of work, the mall;
* Updated the NPC names in the xml;
+ Spars NPCs with fresh client Ertheia;
* Updated all GC to Ertei;
- Defunct geyskoy NPC;
* Updated the dialog to GC Ertei;
* Updated Russian dialogue GC to Ertheia;
* Fixed teleport from GC on Dream Island, and on the racetrack;
* New Ertheia preview pokazuya also older characters;
* Works on paketke;
* Fix download server;
+ ABILITY realize all skills;
* Added vozmosnost drawing 2-3 profnyh arteias paints;
* Offe (Erteya) drop Adena was reduced 10 times;
+ Added a drop on the island arteias;
+ Added the possibility of applying paint rebirth race arteias;
* Fresh cores (urgent fix create char)
* Fix character creation;
* Optimization;
+ Finish system ABILITY-skills;
+ Spars with new client system messages;
+ Spars with new customer NpcString;
+ Preparations for the separation system Adena;
* The character is now removed after 3 hours (offlayk);
* Kamael can now freely carry heavy / magic armor;
+ The display of dead pets;
+ Implemented the ability to ride the sled pets;
* Do not flood some packets at the wrong time;
+ Implemented correctly display the dead NPCs;
+ Now supports flag targetable NPC;
+ Implemented work show_name flag NPC;
+ Implemented work is_in_combat flag NPC;
* Works on paketke;
* Do not give arteias sex change;
* Implemented by sharpening Ertee;
* Fix to update information about Membury in the party;
* Implemented by atributatsiyu Ertei;
* Disassembled structure of an item package. Now, the augmentation is displayed correctly, the elements, sharpening options;
* Fix application and display colors;
* Reduced periodicity of sending certain packets;
* Fix display abnormalov after entering the game;
* Fixed dialogue Newbie Buffer;
* Fixed paketku on trade;
* Fix packs to display the party;



Rev. 12448


* Global synchronization with a branch Lindvior
+ Geodata launcher.
-old methods.
* Fix the resurrection scroll. crit;
* Works on paketke;
* Fix compilation;
+ Implemented purchase professor in kommuniti;
* Fix validation World chat;
* Cosmetics skill "Kick in the head with the turn" (Warrior arteias);
* Cosmetics skill "Step to the left" (Warrior arteias);
+ Implemented skill "Distorted Energy" (Warrior arteias);
+ Implemented skill "Sihem Punishment" (M. arteias);
+ Implemented skill "Island of the Storm" (M. arteias);
+ Implemented skill "Shell Storm" (M. arteias);
* Cosmetics skills magician arteias on offu;
+ Implemented skill "west wind" (M. arteias);
* Cosmetics skills magician arteias on offu;
+ Implemented skill "headwind" (M. arteias);
+ Implemented skill "Dangerous Wind" (M. arteias);
+ Implemented skill "Wind of Delusion" (M. arteias);
+ Implemented skill "Rage Sihem" (M. arteias);
+ Implemented skill "Blessing Sihem" (M. arteias);
+ Implemented skill "Lightning Destruction" (M. arteias);
+ Implemented skill "Fury of the Storm" (M. arteias);
+ Implemented skill "False Gleam" (M. arteias);
+ Implemented skill "Fire Maelstrom" (M. arteias);
+ Implemented skill "water hammer" (M. arteias);
+ Implemented skill "water flow" (M. arteias);
+ Implemented a skill, "Impact of the Wind" (M. arteias);
* Cosmetics some flying skills on offu;
* Fix rostuschih triggers;
* Fix display abnormalov NPC;
* Slightly improved trigger system;
* Improve the system of flying skills;
* Altered by offu skill "Wodan Attack" (M. arteias). Now superimposed Stamp Storm;
+ Implemented skill "Stigma Storm" (M. arteias);
* Edits skill Eye of the Storm;
* Altered by offu skill "Perfect Storm" (M. arteias). Now, with a certain probability skill cast Lightning Storm;
+ Implemented skill "Lightning Storm" (M. arteias);
+ Implemented skill "Windshield" (M. arteias);
+ Implemented skill "Eye of the Storm" (M. arteias);
+ Implemented skill "Perfect Storm" (M. arteias);
+ Implemented skill "Magic Potential" (M. arteias);
+ Implemented skill "Enhanced Gravity" (Warrior arteias);
+ Implemented skill "Evasion" (Warrior arteias);
+ Implemented skill "Force of Gravity" (Warrior arteias);
+ Implemented skill "Sinister Oprokidvanie" (Warrior arteias);
* Fix display abnormal effects in NPC;
+ Implemented skill "Strike with the Twisted" (Warrior arteias);
+ Implemented skill "Excellent Resistance poems" (Warrior arteias);
+ Implemented skill "superior ability" (M. arteias);
+ Implemented skill "Combat Speeding" (Warrior arteias);
+ Implemented skill "Acceleration of the Spirit" (Warrior arteias);
+ Implemented skill "superior ability" (Warrior arteias);
* Commencement of a beauty salon for arteias;
* Cosmetics skills Step Step left and right along the Offa. Now the character where to fly;
* Works on paketke;
+ Implemented parameter skill shield_ignore_procent, which ignores the only part p.defa shield;
+ Implemented skill "roundhouse kicks" (Warrior arteias);
+ Implemented skill "headwinds Gravitation" (Warrior arteias);
+ Implemented skill "Gravity Shock" (Warrior arteias);
+ Implemented skill "Kick in the head with the turn" (Warrior arteias);
+ Implemented skill "Step to the left" (Warrior arteias);
* Cosmetics World chat on offu;
+ Implemented flags an item: commissionable, privatestoreable;
+ Spars flags an item with the client: tradeable, dropable, destroyable, privatestoreable, sellable, commissionable;
* Work on the new skillam;
+ The beginning of the skill step to the right;
* Fix ExAbnormalStatusUpdateFromTargetPacket package;
+ Implemented skill roundhouse kick (Warrior arteias);
+ Implemented skill attack from two sides (Warrior arteias);
* Cosmetics Newbie Helper on offu;
* Works on paketke;
* Prevent the start of the quest chain to pass arteias;
* Updated teleport location on Talking Island;
* Fix compilation;
+ Added arteias race in kondishony quests;
* Works by GK;
* Updated links in Gatekeepers;
+ The beginning of the quest tags in GC;
+ English dialogue for new NPCs (Google Translate);
* The list of quests from NPCs on offu arteias;
+ Implemented all skills Sorceress Artey;
- Descriptions with skill, it is not convenient to edit them;
* Edit statte magician arteias;
* Edit statte arteias warrior;
* Repars an item price to the customer Ruoff;
* Creating a character offu;
* Works on paketke; The display of weapons from the NPC;
* Fix display drop on the floor;
+ Implemented all the monsters on the island arteias;
* Finish NPCs on the island arteias;
* Updated arteias spawn on the island, to Ruoff;
- Removed from new NPC extra option;
+ Implemented all NPCs on the island arteias;
+ Customer Support Ruoff 603 minutes;
* GC is now free to level 76;
* Allegro can not be called, unless you have a birthday;
* Work on the implementation of the NPC on the island arteias;
* Work on the initial island arteias;
* Work on the tutorial;
* Updated some multiselly;
* Renamed multiselly for easy editing;
* Updated tutorial to Artey;



Rev. 12159


* Full synchronization with the assembly Lindvior.
* Work on the purchase;
+ Implemented skills Gidroataka arteias the magician;
+ Added a peaceful area for Village Vernon;
* Fix download server;
* Fix paketki;
+ Implemented GK Village in Vernon;
* Fix paketki;
+ Implemented a NPC in the village of Vernon;
+ Implemented most of the NPCs in the new town of Vernon (arteias);
* Fix links in the old NPC dialogues;
+ Added to admin panel TP in the Village of Vernon;
+ Multisellki sparsennye with Ertheia;
* Works on paketke;
* Fixed display of summons;
* Fixed jumping on Talking Island;
+ Implemented skill Aura Saiha;
* Fix compilation;
* Fixed an item of work, the mall;
+ Implemented skill tree for arteias magicians. All skill trees arteias implemented;
* Works on paketke;
* Spars price items with customer Ertheia;
* Updated the bypass on ertei some dialogues;
* Repaired paketku on fishing;
* Repaired paketku to display the cubes;
* Properly send ExUserInfoAbnormalVisualEffect (not flood them);
* Works on paketke Ertheia;
* Fix for Call of Hermescus arteias;
+ Implemented the racial mounts arteias;
+ Implemented skill Aukra Ranger;
* Divine Inspiration now has 6 levels;
+ Fully implemented the skill tree for the Warriors arteias;
* Work on the mechanics jobs arteias;
* Fix saving character;
* Fix download server;
* Update links in dialogues Ertee;
+ Respawn point for arteias island;
+ Implemented teleport scroll to the island arteias (40195);
+ Added respawn point for the race arteias;
+ Arteias add when creating 10 teleport scrolls to the island arteias;
+ Implemented skill tree for Maga arteias;
+ When creating a Mage arteias add skill to layout;


Rev. 12007


+ Implemented all passive skills Warrior arteias;
+ Implemented skill tree for the warrior arteias;
+ Forgotten for arteias;
* Works on arteias professions;
* Fix paketki;
* Fix working parameter show_name NPC;
* Global chat system closer to Offa;
- Extra quests;
* Fix download server;
+ Spawn arteias on the island;
- Excess spawn;
+ Spars New etcitems with customer Ertheia;
+ Spars Ertheia new weapons;
* Pars statte weapons Ertheia;
+ Pars new armor with Ertheia;
* Pars statte armor with Ertheia;
* Pars statte armor with Ertheia;
+ Spars all new NPC Ertheia;
+ Spars of the new NPC Ertheia;
* Spars skill icons from the client Ertheia;
+ Spars blanks new skills Ertheia;
* Works on ABILITY;
* Works on paketke;
* Work on the implementation ABILITY character;
+ Launch of ABILITY character;
* Updated links in dialogues Ertee;
* Translate the dialogue in view of html;
* Spars icons for skills;
+ Implemented broshok system and precious stones;
* Now cell Cloak always open (offlayk);
+ Spars new armor with the client Epeisodion;
* Spars skills with customer Epeisodion;
* Works on paketke;
* Slightly updated dialogues Artee;
* Global paketke work.
* Fixed collisions of a new race;
* Apkody packages;
+ Added profiles for arteias;
+ Implemented the creation of chara;
+ Race Ertheia;
- Epesodion;
+ Ertheia;
+ Branch Lindvior> Episodion;
+ Start of paketki;
+ Start of unrealized scrolls sharpening;
+ Implemented an item (36598) Scroll Recovery Guise Equipments (R);
+ Implemented an item (36599) Scroll Recovery Guise Equipments (S);
+ Implemented an item (36600) Scroll Recovery Guise Equipments (A);
+ Implemented an item (36601) Scroll Recovery Guise Equipments (B);
+ Implemented an item (36602) Scroll Recovery Guise Equipments (C);
+ Implemented an item (36603) Scroll Recovery Guise Equipments (D);
+ Implemented an item (36604) Stone Processing headdress;
* Updated all grocery stores offu (Lindvior);
+ Implemented an item:
23144 - Done
23143 - Done
23142 - Done
23141 - Done
23140 - Done
23384 - The opportunity to dress him.
23383 - The opportunity to dress him.
23382 - The opportunity to dress him.
23381 - The opportunity to dress him.
23380 - The opportunity to dress him.
36343 - Done
36344 - Done
36345 - Done
36346 - Done
36413 - Done
23171 - Done
23173 - Done
23226 - Done
+ Implemented an item (37067) Stone Processing Weapons Monster - Sword of the theory;
+ Implemented an item (37068) Stone Processing Weapons Monster - Sword of Sin;
+ Implemented an item (37069) Stone Processing Weapons Monster - Sword Octavis;
+ Implemented an item (37070) Stone Processing Weapons Monsters - Dual Sword Tekafa;
+ Implemented an item (37071) Stone Processing Weapons Monster - One-handed Sword Magic Seknosa;
+ Implemented an item (37072) Stone Processing Weapons Monster - Axe Teboda;
+ Implemented an item (37073) Stone Processing Weapons Monsters - Hammer Klakiesa;
+ Implemented an item (37074) Stone Processing Weapons Monsters - Dual Sword Teboda;
+ Implemented an item (37075) Stone Processing Monster Weapons - Dagger Drakos;
+ Implemented an item (37076) Stone Processing Weapons Monsters - Dual Daggers Drakos;
+ Implemented an item (37077) Stone Processing Weapons Monster - Sword Guillotine;
+ Implemented an item (37078) Stone Processing Monster Weapons - Spear Tedzhakara;
+ Implemented an item (37079) Stone Processing Weapons Monster - Staff Mimiridy;
+ Implemented an item (37080) Stone Processing Weapons Monster - Staff Satire;
+ Implemented an item (37081) Stone Processing Weapons Monsters - Hand Kanadisa;
+ Implemented an item (37082) Stone Processing Weapons Monsters - Bow Kanadisa;
+ Implemented an item (37083) Stone Processing Weapons Monsters - Bow Centaur;
+ Implemented an item (37084) Stone Processing Weapons Monsters - Crossbow spicules;
+ Implemented an item (37085) Stone Processing Weapons Monsters - Shield theory;
+ Implemented an item (37086) Stone Processing Weapons Monsters - Shield blemish;
* Correct at the degeneration of the social sphere;
+ The display of the attack at the Summon: Wine Queen Cats;
+ The display of the attack at the Summon: Vin Seraphim;
+ The display of the attack at the Summon: Vin Samael;
* All summons veno consume 2 nipples (offlayk);
+ Has registered Sammon Veno correct amount spent nipple;
+ Implemented thing Things Traveler Support;
* Travel assistant is now once a day gives the subject of "Things Traveler Support";
+ Implemented skill Traveller equipment for subject "Things Traveler Support";
+ Blanks for instance Lindviora;
+ Implemented OPS Imariel;
+ Added spawn NPC Imariel;
+ Implemented OPS Guiglo;
+ Added spawn NPC Guiglo;
+ Implemented OPS Kato Sikanus;
+ Added spawn NPC Kato Sikanus;
+ Implemented OPS Sentinel Dzhenain;
+ Added spawn NPC Guardian Dzhenain;
+ Added to admin teleport to the entrance to the Lindvioru;
* Fix download server;
+ Implemented quest to Lindviora (10453 - Stop the Wind Dragon);
* Refresh prices have items on Lindvioru;
* Updated the number of crystals in some item is on Lindvior;
..... Previously, it makes no sense to write all the previous can be found in the previous chronicles on our website.
Full synchronization with previous chronicles.



Progress on other chronicles read here: L2-SCRIPTS Pack


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