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L2-scripts Interlude

L2-scripts Interlude

List price: 150.00$
From: 90.00$
You save: 60.00$ (40%)


Server pack INTERLUDE command

a Little history of the Assembly:

based on the source the Overworld and L2-scripts.


Build is being release.

Assembly is one of the best products on the market Interludes.

License acquisition is already available to everyone.

At the moment we start an Action:  

When buying an Build interlude GEODATA as a gift

+ 1 MONTH of support tariff plan: " Standard"


We ask everyone for mercy for fruitful mutual cooperation.


latest revision 1924.


The release took place on April 30, 2018.

Upon request we provide a test server for review.

Assembly adapted for protection against packet hacks - L2s-Guard (Possible connection and no other protection).


Assembly is provided with a binding of iron and is available on 1 external Ip address. This Assembly is available in a fully compiled state. Failure to comply with the non-proliferation Treaty Assembly, we no longer provide you any services.


Beware of buying assemblies on the side, because you anywhere else except on our website does not sell the original. No dealers we have, all who pretend to be our distributors and Tech support - you are deceived. Also remember, even if someone sells our Assembly, then purchasing it from the side, you run the risk of not only being cheated, but also speilet the project at the start.


Last revision - 90 usd (online - 200)

Last revision 110 usd (line - 500)

Last revision 150 usd (online - unlimited)

Last revision 230 usd (Without IP bindings and No limit)

Last revision 800 usd (Source)


All types of the support and conditions read here: tech SUPPORT



GEODATA Interlude included free .



Detailed implementation Inderlude:


rev. 1924/364


* Fix buffer
* fix geodata engin
* Fix Tvt Ru dialog
* Fix Enchant 127+
* Fix Receive Profession From The cat
* Fix Load Server
* database update
* fix pa system
+ acess with PA only on server ;
* Fix geodata work in reflections;
*Add default npc - shop, teleport, buff
* Fix load server



rev. 1888/345


* Global synchronization with the systems of other Chronicles.
* Fix player online time
- - revert previous comment;
* Transfer spawns to XML (part 1);
* Fix nickname Services
* * Fix services noble
* Fix Services rates
* * Fix the Service level
* Fix epic-bosses respawn with respawn pattern;
* Fix Shots
* Fix dividersell( if -1 all items cost 0)
* Fixed commands lang, cfg, menu
* Fix spawn npc  
* Fix OpenURL
* Add function community board char name, online and
* fix describe online time
* describe add exp/sp function
* Fix stackable books
* Multiple fixes left without a description in the period from may to October 2019, we apologize, there are many fixes, but the description of the changelog is lost, but the Assembly was very serious work was done in this period.



rev. 1603/357


- Removed unnecessary recipes
* To fix multisell in Komyuniti
+ Added TownWar (optional)
* Fix Zone
+ Added TeamType
* The language menu is now basic, you can call the command .lang and .cfg;
* Fix use of CP cans system autochina;
* Reworked config DividerSell (Divider sale price): If -1, then all prices will be 1 adena, if 0, 0 Aden;
* Edited description premium
* Changed configs spawn epic, now they're using CRON format;
+ Implemented the ability to specify NPC respawn in cron format;
* When you restart the spawn and spawn reloadable with data/spawn;
* Improved auto-heal system. Now Hilo is triggered every 0.3 sec.;
* Cosmetics and code optimization;
* Cosmetics engine skills caste;
* Fix ADC system operation with some banks;
* Fix spawn RB " Flamestone Giant";
* Fixed hovering character when using skills;
* Fixed a bug with GEODATA doors, when some doors opened incorrectly in GEODATA;
* Fixed generation of GEODATA some doors (rewritten algorithm);
* Updated info files;



rev. 1548/321

* Fix NPE at server login;
+ Implemented the interface for the new system of ban;
+ Implemented by storing the IP address of the player;
* Fixed deleting of object from the storage objects;
+ Added logging of the new system of bans;
* Added a message about rathbane chat at the expiration time of the ban or rabbane admin;
* If you remove the pers, deleted the old table of bans;
* Cosmetics reports of bath chat. Now write on time and date razbana;
* Fixed character ban display when selecting characters;
+ Added a new system of bans in the game server;
+ Implemented commands for the bananbana accounts,SP,XviD,players,chat login and game servers;
- Extra;
* Refactoring and optimization of the new ban system;
* Cache the login server bans to the game server;
+ Implemented the ban the login-server by HWID;
* When the bath account, specifying the period -1, the ban will be perpetual;
+ Implemented a complete system to ban username/IP/HWID-level login server';
* When the bath through the base (via a new system or through access_level) in the time specified in the config file the login server automatically kick players from the game;



rev. 1455/278

+ Added command //geo_grid to debug GEODATA;
* Finally fixed problem with door GEODATA generation;
* Fix of using CP potions by ACP system when character has 0% cp;
* When you change sub class cancel castes and attack. Otherwise, you could dupaty buffssummons other subs;
* At the end of download game servers beep (useful for tests);
* Fixed a glitch, when visually, they were open and in the closed GEODATA;
* Cosmetics autochina;
* Fix NPE on an entire Assembly when you disconnect the siege of the residence (peasant, castle, Fort);
* Fix of NPE;
* Critical fix of GEODATA engine;
* Fix service purchase HP;
* Fixed display of timely augmentation of the character;
* Fixed a timely display of sharpening the character;
* Redesigned sales tools augments under the new system aumentati;
* Fix exit from the observation mode at the Olympics;
* Code optimization of the Olympics;
* Code formatting;
* Redesigned configs for the beginning of the Olympics under Cron format;
* Changed configs to the end of the cycle of the Olympics under Cron format;
* Optimization headpiece;
* Fixed the use of doors in GEODATA, there were failures due to incorrect work in multithreading;
* Fixed the zeroing gates, and the siege of the walls after the recent fixes. Now when you spawn doorswalls arrayed in GEODATA full wall depending on door height;
+ Implemented Option Data system;
* Completely reworked system of augments on offs !!! Attention, all the old information augments players reset!!!;
- Cleaning;
* Refactoring;
* Fixed repetition purposes during casting of mass spell;
+ Implemented a new system of triggers skills;
* Cosmetics parser skills;
* Redesigned and optimized ThreadPoolManager;
- Got rid of RunnableImpl completely;
* Fixed Paty work and code optimization. Fixed exit from party;
* Fixed saving of status of the character when you exit the game;
* Fixed saving of the inventory of the character when you exit the game;
* Clan code optimization;
* Fixed saving of the rights of the clan;
* Ignore idea files;



rev. 1339/222

* Fix of the civil code, if some castle sieges disabled;
* Builder cosmetics;
* Updated Liba napile;
* Fix the sale of drugs skills;
* * Clan skills work for all members of the clan;
* Fix sub-class Manager work;
* * Cosmetics server purchases BOS skills;
* Fixed the zeroing gates, and the siege of the walls after the recent fixes. Now when you spawn doorswalls arrayed in GEODATA full wall depending on door height;
* Fix work Recall skills;
* Fix command /unstuck (/escape);
* Fix verification of employment port when booting the server;
* Fix database installation;
* * Fix work Etcitem'ov with stats or skills;



rev. 1298/200


* Fix rollback skill;
* when you change sub class the character must remain the buffs that it hung on a particular class. Ie if I propofals at hawk, then changed sub-class for the necro, ran, and then again changed the subwoofer is on the hawk, then I should hang those buffs, which I prebuttal on hawk before you change sub-class;
* VIP status applies to 1 account;
* Cosmetics services. When paying for the service, we notify you about the payment;
+ Added command .acp with visual interface;
* Global work on the server
* Fix of NPE;
* Singh;
* Fixed being able to attack through the low fences indoors;
* Fixed floorceiling shooting;
* Fix spawn NPS at points where there is no GEODATA. Such cases occur in' RETAIL ' GEODATA;
* Reworked Correction z coordinates: if there is no lower layer below us, then take the top, which will fix the failure under the texture;
* The algorithm of spawn point search in the location is completed. Monsters will no longer spawn in the ground, in the ceiling, in the walls, etc.;
* When assigning coordinates to an object, check the z coordinates by GEODATA, if necessary;
* Another attempt to fix the shooting floorceiling;
* Fix of flight and movement in spectator mode;
* Fix teleport via Shift+Click;
* Rewritten search algorithm spawn point in the location. Monsters will no longer spawn in the ground, in the ceiling, in the walls, etc.;
* Fixed removal of the main GEODATA when removing objects that control GEODATA;
* Fix download of squares GEODATA through the admin panel;
* Fix sending custom messages;



rev. 1213/174

* Fix work item-chests;
* Fix bypass for interface;
+ Added support for custom interface buns;
- Extra;
* Fix PA work;
* Fix saving variables;
* Singh;
* Fix display of custom messages in the NPC dialogues;
* Fix character name change;
* Optimized the configuration of the connect database;
* Added support for MySQL 8;
+ Implemented a system of account variables;
* Fix NPC Buffer;
* Changed the config on the days of the class battles of the Olympics;
* Ru Skills
* PY items
* Fix TvT Manager;
* Bavero
* Fix database installation;
* Redesigned new NPS (buffer, GC, TVT Manager);
* Altered global GK;
+ added bafer dialogues
+ Work on datapack
+ Added drop Varka, Ketra and the usual RB
* Removed class battles
* Added drop RAID bosses
* Siege at 20: 00
* Olympus 5 hours, 5 Nekrasov
* Work on the client side;
* Cosmetics service purchase HP skills;
+ Implemented automatic use of HP/MP/CP cans;
* Cosmetics, optimization, code formatting;
* Cosmetics tutorial;
* Optimization engine item-handler;
* Code cleaning;
* Code formatting;
+ Implemented config to disable commands that start with '.'(AllowVoicedCommands);
* Cosmetics and code formatting;
+ Added listeners to change HP, MP, CP;



rev. 1149/118

* Optimization;
* Names of prof, races are taken out in datapak;
- Char_templates table is deleted because of uselessness;
* Fix the teleport up / down using the admin panel;
* Fixed 'Target is not visible' if the target or the attacker stands near the wall;
* Fix the movement in the water;
* Fix "Target not visible" when geodate is off;
* Fix jump to / from target to wall / texture;
* Fix when "Target is invisible" if attacker and target are in the same geo-square;
* Fix search path;
* Cosmetics //geo_grid now display pole squares;
* Code optimization headpiece;
* Fixed display position of the character by the client;
* Fully fixed movement under water and in the air;
* Fix attack targets underwater and in the air;
* Fix movement in the water and in the air;
* Fixed visibility targets in the water and in the air;
* Fix attack of the walls at the siege of the castle;
* Cosmetics of attack of the doors;
* When checking the visibility of the target now take into account the radius of the target and the player;
+ Implemented config to completely disable the system of Seven Seals;
+ Rank items submitted To itemgrade enum;
* For endless nipple should be only 1 nipple, not as much as required by the weapon;
* Fix caste speed when using nipple;
* Fix config on minimalnoe reading skill;
* Fix of NPE;
* Fix database installation and updates;
* Fix batch file;
* Fixed control via the admin area;
* Improved build Builder;



rev. 1089/98


* Optimization;
+ + Added multilingual support nicknames / titles of the characters;
+ Added mechanics of delayed items (items delayed);
+ + The ability to assign currency to zones for trading in a private shop (private_store_currency);
* Start moving to the use of velocity variables;
+ Implemented search service traders (Item Broker);
+ Implemented functions for Velocity variables in the NPC dialogues that will allow you to optimize 'append' using scripts;
- Removed extra custom spawn in Goddard;
* * Refactoring;
+ Missing multicell;
* Config parser updated;
+ Added config to the maximum number of characters;
+ Added validation of appearance when creating a character;
* Fix encoding;
* Fix database installation;
* Changes in the INFO folder
+ Implemented a system of automatic database update when updating the server;
* Cosmetics admin;



Rev. 1011/78


* Added a few variations of admin commands-teleport;
* We give the settings to afflic mind;
* Fix loading short chats when you first enter the game after restart;
* Fix loading macros when you first enter the game after restart;
* From the start the Gremlins don't fall Herby (afflic);
* Rewritten and optimized game store;
* Code optimization;
* Fix of PvP anti-cheat system, it now does not affect PK;
* Heroic Valor consumes Spirit Ore instead of Soul Ore;
* Fixed Mana Potion;
* Fixed HWID checks, now consider lack of protection (HWID);
* Cosmetic;
+ Implemented support for' templates ' in HTML dialogs;
* Rewritten and optimized HTML dialog storage;
* Multilanguage system improved;
* Optimization;
* Cleaning;
* Doors made in XML;
* Updated napile library;
* NPCs with GEODATA now able to move;
+ Implemented the ability to assign GEODATA to all NPCs;
+ Added command to debug GEODATA //geo_grid;
* Cosmetic fixes headpiece;
* Optimization headpiece;
* Improved movement under water;
* Improved movement in the air;
* Fixed passage through the bottom of the water in locations that are under the given water area;
* Fix' clinging ' of the character to the bottom when swimming;
* Optimize previous commits;
* To previous commints;
* Fixed absolutely any postrelease walls;
* Fixed absolutely any postrelease doors;
* Fixed deletion GEODATA door after death;
* You can now attack through the low hedgesthe hillsthe fences, taking into account the height of the attacker and the goal;
* Fix postrelease walls;
* Fix of 'thin' doors (with width = 0) which were not assigned GEODATA;
* Fix holes in the GEODATA in the closed doors through which you could run;
* Doors work fix;
* Fix compilation;
* Fix taken to run through the gate;
* Increased functionality Gematria in the Assembly (vycheslenie the nearest point on the perimeter, the center of the figure, etc.);
* When the door is closed, it is set to the middle coordinate of the closed door, which fixes the visual bug in the attackinteraction with the door;
* When the attack is used GEODATA doors, now the doors cannot attack through walls;
* Fix attack NPC's through walls;
- Removed custom;



Roar. 866


* Fix the lag attack animations from the actual damage;
* Complete system of subnet masks.
- Removed non-working config with the login server.
* Stored more detailed information about game server to properly display the server after the restart;
* Fixed engine GEODATA;
- Remove trash
* Optimized dvizhek quests;
* Use the storage, search, etc. not the quest name and ID;
* Updated tutorial is closer to the offs;
* improved engine quests;
* Fix download server;
* Updated library;
- getting Rid of the internal IP of the game server, for these purposes, now the mask;
- cleaning of the login and game servers. Now update the login is necessary;
+ Added check the game server's key (Ala the old HEXID);
+ Added the ability to use a netmask (AdvIP);
* Fixed display of server load;
* Cosmetics dialogues NPC closer to offs;
* Implemented support for login-server L2-Scripts;
- Chaska;
* Work to support the login server L2-Scripts;
* Implemented multi-proxy;
+ Start the implementation of the proxy system;
* Fixed loading messages;
* Cosmetics code;
- cleaning
* When specifying the price of '-1' in multiseller, is taken for the base price;
* Cosmetic SORS;
* Fix compile your code;
* When kommentah ignored files IDE;

For half a year of hard work was implemented almost all of the content of Chronicles Interlude.
This Assembly on the right can be the best on the market emulators game servers Interlude after prohozhdenie global obktov and pre-release status.

Full sync from the previous Chronicles.



the Course of work on other Chronicles read here: ASSEMBLY L2-SCRIPTS



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