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Beta Release Classic: Seven Signs (2.8)


Beta release Build CLASSIC 2.8 (Saviors: Seven Signs) command

a Little history of the Assembly:

based on the source L2-scripts Classic 2.7 .

Branch - Classic 1.0

Branch - 1.5 Classic

Branch - Classic 2.0

Branch - Classic 2.5

Branch - Classic 2.7

Beta Release version l2j Emulator Classic 2.8 - 26 November 2018

the Acquisition of licenses already available to all.

welcome to all for a fruitful mutual cooperation.


latest revision 30288

Upon request we provide a test server for review.

Assembly adapted for protection against packet hacks - L2s-Guard (it is Possible to connect other types of protection).


Assembly is provided with a binding of iron and is available on 1 external Ip address. This Assembly is available in a fully compiled state. Failure to comply with the non-proliferation Treaty Assembly, cooperation with us is completely terminated.


Beware of buying assemblies on the side, because you anywhere else except on our website does not sell the original. No dealers we have, all who pretend to be our distributors and TP - you are deceived. Also remember, even if someone sells our Assembly, then purchasing it from the side, you run the risk of not only being cheated, but also speilet the project at the start.


Last revision - 525 USD (online - 200)

Last revision 575 USD (line - 500)

Last revision 675 USD (online - unlimited)

Last revision 975 USD (Without IP bindings and No limit)

Last revision 3000 USD (Source)


Support - Standard Fare - 250 USD per month.

Support Rate is "Low" - 175 USD per month. (NEW)

Upgrade from previous Chronicles to this branch is not made.

Regular customers discounts are available individually to 20%.

All types of the support and conditions read here: tech SUPPORT



GEODATA Classic Saviors: Seven Signs is bought separately.



the basis of our sources Classic 2.7:

Details here


Full sync from the previous Chronicles.



the Course of work on other Chronicles read here: ASSEMBLY L2-SCRIPTS


Update Builds L2-scripts



Dear customers, we offer you a global update for our Server Packs:



L2 Classic 2.8 (Saviors: Seven Signs) rev 30288/14421 (Beta Release)


L2 Classic 2.7 (Saviors: Antharas) rev 29760/14440 (Global planning update + report)


Grand Crusade rev 36219/14424 (Global planning update + report)


L2 Classic 2.5 (Saviors: Zaken) rev 28802/14434 (Global planning update + report)


Helios rev 35010/14442 (Global planning update + report)


L2 Classic 2.0 (Saviors) rev 27211/14439 (Scheduled work + report)


Interlude rev. 1213/174 (Global planning)


High Five rev. 17694/2036 (reports)



Details of update, see the relevant sections on our website.


All test server updated to the latest revision if you want, please, run a test server.



respect !



Dear customers, I remind you that in the period from 4 to 18 November Skype chief Manager will be almost unavailable.

For detailed information, read the previous news.

For all new orders during this period, please write to Skype: live:sguard.soft

Important ! Break in work


Dear customers, we apologize for the failure of deadlines for current orders, as they say if problems begin, they always go strip and lump.

the current situation is as follows:

Skype technical support for assemblies and current turnkey orders will not be available from 18 October to 25 October due to serious family circumstances.

in this regard, all current customers will be extended free of charge for exactly 1 week in automatic mode.

during this period we will not be able to accept any new technical orders for turnkey projects.

Technical support on the forum will only be our DatabaseName during this period, that is, to be only partially.

Completion of all current orders on the technical side of the assemblies is also shifted by a maximum of 1 week, and all will be offered further discounts and service extensions.



Skype Manager: Urchika will be available during this period for a detailed explanation of the situation to our customers.

Please be understanding and make adjustments to your plans to open projects.


during this period, only static orders will be accepted in the Manager's Skype, such as ordering sites, purchasing assemblies and other products that do not require urgent programming.




in the period from November 4 to November 17 will not be available Skype Manager for the conclusion of contracts for new orders.

we Ask everyone to use our services in advance to 4 November to discuss all the details and make an order, or postpone cooperation until 18 November.


once again, we apologize for the temporary inconvenience and ask you to be understanding.

with respect, administration !

L2-scripts server packs update



Dear customers, we offer you a global update for our Server Packs:



L2 Classic 2.7 (Saviors: Antharas) rev 29572/14043 (Global planning update + report)


Grand Crusade rev 35790/14026 (Global planning update + report)


L2 Classic 2.5 (Saviors: Zaken) rev 28670/14034 (Global planning update + report)


Helios rev 34668/14045 (Global planning update + report)


L2 Classic 2.0 (Saviors) rev 27101/14042 (Scheduled work + report)


Interlude rev. 1149/118 (Global planning)


High Five rev. 17420/1947 (reports)



Details of update, see the relevant sections on our website.


All test server updated to the latest revision if you want, please, run a test server.



respect !

Portfolio Bug reports


Dear customers and colleagues, we have published for public viewing an archive of old bug reports for several years of work, so that everyone can see how we work.




Bug report moved to the new portal:
Detailed info:
Skype: Urchika

Our portfolio of solved reports: High Five
Our portfolio of solved reports: GOD
Our portfolio of solved reports: Classic

This forum is closed and open for viewing our work on bug reports for a long time.


Thank you all !


Moving the Bug report forum


Dear customers, we inform you about the change in the provision of reports on our assemblies and other services.

In the period from 15 to 20 August will be moving bug report from the old forum to the new portal

All created reports until August 16 will be processed within 1-2 months on the old forum and archived.

All new reports from August 16 will be accepted only on the new portal

To provide access to the new bug report, please contact Skype: Urchika

If you previously registered under the same login as in the old forum, you will be activated as a client on the new bug report automatically.

The old forum completely stops the message reception and registration August 20. It will be archived and open for viewing as an advertisement to promote our services, showcase our work over the years and SEO promotion.
If someone is not satisfied that his reports and messages will be open for public access in the old forum, please let us know, and we will delete your messages and clean your profile.
On the new forum technical section for our customers will be hidden from prying eyes and completely Confederate.

We have considered all pojelaniya, especially English-speaking clientele and new bug reports will be much more convenient and modern.

Thanks for understanding, all questions on Skype: Urchika

With respect, administration !

Updates server packs



Dear customers, we offer you a global update for our Server Packs:






L2 Classic 2.7 (Saviors: Antharas) Rev. 29466 (Global planning update + report)


Grand Crusade Rev. 35018 (Global planning update + report)


L2 Classic 2.5 (Saviors: Zaken) Rev. 28580 (Global planning update + report)


Helios Rev. 34116 (Global planning update + report)


L2 Classic 2.0 (Saviors) Rev. 26999 (Scheduled work + report)


Interlude Rev. 1089 (Global planning)


High Five Rev. 17344 (reports)



Details of update, see the relevant sections on our website.


All test server updated to the latest revision if you want, please, run a test server.



respect !



Dear customers, at the moment a temporary compromise has been found between the new owners of S GUARD and our community.

Problems and disagreements of developers - should not affect the clientele and good service !!!

At the moment, we have no influence on the situation, but have the opportunity to conduct open sales.

You can still get protection service through L2-scripts.

We are also developing another branch of protection in order to work independently and autonomously to ensure uninterrupted and guaranteed service.

Thanks for understanding!
Respectfully, Yuri!

Attention! Read all SQUAD customers!


Dear L2sguard ( S-guard ) customers

On behalf of our community, I bring to your attention information on a serious problem that has arisen due to disagreements in the S-Guard team. In connection with the serious accumulated years of disagreements between me and one of the managers of guard, it was adopted a unilateral decision on the separation of S-Guard from the team L2-scripts. Unfortunately, I did everything possible to prevent this from happening, but it happened. But it is our internal affair, I do not want to wash dirty linen in public.

Also, I do not want this situation to affect our clientele and the smooth operation of our team and our services.

Therefore, I officially declare that:

1. We will make every effort to resume the work of S-guard on behalf of our team, because all the source materials and the last backups we have left, now our spacialist is studying the code to resume the provision of this service. 

2.At the moment, if you have a desire to buy a s-guard, you can write to us and we will advise you.

Once again, I apologize on behalf of our team!

If anyone has any questions, please contact our Skype: Urchika, happy to answer all questions.

Our official website -

Respectfully, Yuri !

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